Mesmerising Birthdays With Creative Birthday Cakes

Gadget cake

Can you think of a birthday without cake? It is never possible. You can overload a birthday with exclusive events. But a birthday cake is a must in each and every birthday. Generally when you are planning to order a birthday cake, you just go to the cake shop and have a look at the available items.

You select one of your choices and buy that. But you will always need a special cake to arrange a special birthday. Make birthdays special with the ideas for creative birthday cakes.

Concepts Of Creative Birthday Cakes

Cartoon Cake

If you are planning for the birthday of a baby, then a cartoon cake will be the best choice for you. Know the favourite cartoon character of your baby. Personalize the birthday cake just in the structure of the selected cartoon character.

cartoon cake

 You can also add certain cartoon stickers to the cake stand. You can also represent a scene of a cartoon series over the cake containing numerous cartoon characters of that series.

Personalized Cake

To personalize the cake with respect to the birthday boy or the birthday girl, you must reflect the image and name of the person on the cake. Laminate an image of the birthday boy or the girl and fix it over the cake.

Personalized Cake

 Use a coloured edible cream to write a birthday wish to the person having the birthday. You can also hand small photos of the birthday boy/girl from the edges of the cake stand.

Multi-flavoured Cake

Some invitees in the birthday party may like chocolate flavour, while some other may prefer vanilla. To impress all the invitees you should integrate all the flavours in your birthday cake.

Flower Cake

 You may design the birthday cake in the shape of a flower. Each petal of the slower will be of different flavour in a multi-flavoured cake. You may use chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch and any other flavour to design your birthday cake.

Gadget Cake

You can design a birthday cake in the form of an electronic gadget. The cake can resemble your Android phone or the latest tablet computer. A birthday cake can even resemble a desktop along with a mouse and a keyboard.

Gadget cake

You can write the name of the birthday boy/girl using edible creams over the mock computer screen of the birthday cake. This will be the best cake in the present age of scientific technology.

Game Cake

If you are planning for the birthday of a teen, then this is indeed a great idea. Know the favourite game of the birthday teen and bring that game in the cake. You can design the cake as a cricket, football or hockey playground.

Game Cake

The cake may also resemble any board game like chess, Chinese checker, monopoly and many more. You can even add players in the game made of cake material.

The best ideas to design a creative cake are highlighted over here. You can plan for the best birthday with the implementation of any one of the cakes discussed over here. You may also innovate your creative ideas to design the birthday cake of your choice.