Marvelous Men’s Halloween Costumes

Once upon a time, it used to be difficult to come up with Halloween costumes for men. There were only a few basic costumes available with no variety or diversity.
Today, things have changed and there is a huge range offered in men’s costumes as well. As a matter of fact, tables have turned and now it is not easy to choose one particular costume out of the many available. We give you a brief list of Marvelous Men’s Halloween Costumes to select from this holiday season.

Mens Halloween Costumes


If you are a man who loves to crack jokes on others or pull someone’s legs, this is the best costume for you. A clown’s costume is very colorful as every piece of clothing has a mixture of hues. Get pants that are striped, vest that has big polka dots and a clown jacket.

clown costumes

A huge bow tie along with a colorful curly wig will enhance the outfit teamed up with clown shoes. Funny makeup is essential for a clown costume. A red squeaking clown nose and a horn in your gloved hands will look apt. Remember, that the costume should be asymmetrical which will make it look funnier.


If you like being the villain and harassing people around then being a gangster for Halloween should be your choice. A pinstriped black suit with a blazer will look smart. Along with this, a red satin tie will compliment the appearance. A black and white hat along with the same hued shining shoes will complete the look. However, a gangster’s costume is unfinished till there is a gun in his hand and additionally, you can carry a violin case too.


As a child, if you have always dreamt of being a doctor on growing up and could not fulfill this dream, Halloween can give you this opportunity for a day. Get into a doctor’s white lab coat.

Doctor Costume

A reflector will give you a serious look along with a metal stethoscope. A doctor’s bag will be your aid in collecting and carrying candies for the kids. This may even help you in getting a nurse along the way.

Biker Dude

If you want to be a stud around all the girls at Halloween, being a biker dude is the way to go. Wear torn jeans and a black sleeveless leather jacket with a front zipper. You can wear a t-shirt inside with tattoos printed all over to save yourself from inking permanently. A leather cuff and metallic chain bracelet will be great accents. You can also go for a red bandanna around the forehead for a complete biker dude look.


In case you like frightening your friends away and want to wear a horror costume this Halloween, get a werewolf costume.

Werewolf costumes for haloween

Wear your own jeans and t-shirt along with an old checked shirt which you can shred at the hem and on the sleeves. You can get some fur and glue it on the chest, arms and stomach. Get a scary and wild werewolf mask with sharp fangs and wear some false long nails to accentuate the entire outcome.