Magnificent Military Halloween Costumes

Halloween is an occasion that falls on the 31st of October every year. It is that festivity where everyone dresses up in attires to portray a different character. One and all get excited about the forthcoming celebration and start planning their costumes and related makeup days in advance. Rendering characters from the military is a long followed trend and people of all ages are seen in outfits from the army, navy and air forces on Halloween. To aid you with Magnificent Military Costumes this Halloween, below is a detailed description for a few.

Magnificent Military Halloween Costumes

Men’s Navy SEAL Costume

Adorning the costume of the special forces of the US Navy, the SEAL, will give you an influential feel. A camouflage jumpsuit with a military cap will develop the outfit.


A black vest with a SEAL emblem on the chest will look chic. Black military boots, knee pads, gloves and glasses will serve as amazing accents. Pockets and gun holster on the thighs will complete the costume.

Boy’s Fighter Jet Pilot Costume

If battling in the air and being a part of the air force team, is what your little boy dreams of, get him a fighter jet pilot’s costume this Halloween. A jumpsuit with pockets all over along with full sleeves ending in elastic wrists and similar waist will make him look smart and martial.


A patch with a gold star between two gold wings on the chest and another on the arm with the nation’s flag will enhance the costume in the right manner. Aviators and a military cap will finish the look perfectly.

Men’s Union Officer Costume

If you are a fan of history and want to don a costume from the civil war era, choose this one. A union officer’s outfit comprises navy blue pants teamed with a matching long jacket trimmed in gold.

Two lines of brass buttons at the front along with a red waist sash tied on one side will make you look elite. Gold fringe on both the shoulders with a navy blue cow boy style hat will entirely look regal, though; do not forget to hold that war sword.

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Women’s Sexy Army Cadet Costume

If you want a personal commander to lead you into a march, a sexy army cadet costume should be your first choice. Wear a camouflage mini dress with a zipper back coupled with fishnet stockings ending in black thigh-high buckled up boots with heels.

Front broad black and cross halter straps will look chic with a bare back. A military cap with similar writs cuffs or fancy gloves will add the final touch to your sexy costume.

Child’s Navy Admiral Costume

If your child has magnetism to ships and navy fleets, make him don this white navy admiral costume. An emblem of an eagle on the chest and a gold collar will give the highness to the outfit.


Black strips bordered in gold on the sides of the pants and sleeve ends will enhance the otherwise white attire. A similar belt along with a cap with the same eagle emblem on the front will make your infant look apt in this Navy Admiral costume.