Low Cost New Year Eve Party Decoration

If you are planning a New Year Eve party and worrying about the expenses concerning the decoration, then this article will really be helpful. You do not have to always spend lots of money to make your New Year’s Eve party rocking. 2014 New Year is fast approaching and you really need to sit down and sought out every detail for the last party of 2013.

It would be the end of the month and most of you would like to go for inexpensive decor. Good decoration is not always related to money and here we have low cost New Year Eve party decoration ideas that really works.

Low Cost New Year Eve Party Decoration

Use New Year Signs And Banners

New Year Signs and Banners are usually available in all local dollar stores. Pick out a nice banner that compliments your party theme and do not go for a banner that is too expensive.

New Year banner

Also do not buy too many of them and keep a track on your budget. These signs and banners do well with other cheap decors as well. You can also design your own New Year Eve party banner and put something unique on it like a group photo of friends you are inviting.


Balloons though used commonly in all kinds of party decorations are classic and can really make your party bright and colourful. Go for the medium sized balloons and choose different colours.


Inflate balloons in the old fashioned way rather than by using helium. This will reduce the cost drastically. You can use colourful ribbons or normal strings to hang them from anywhere or just leave them on the floor to have that perfect effect.

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This is possibly one of the best low cost New Year Eve party decoration idea. Streamers are cheap and can be used in a variety of ways to fill up your party rooms. You can twist them, you can turn them or just hang them to make your room colourful and beautiful.


You can decorate your walls, windows and even doors with steamers. And streamers and balloons are I feel the best partners. Buy streamers which have your favourite colour and also make sure that they compliment with the colour of your walls and ceilings.

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Candles And Coloured Bulbs

Candles can make the mood of the party romantic. Place scented candles in every corner of your room to make the ambience romantic. You can also hang tiny bulbs which are coloured that do not cost much but can really make your room look beautiful.


This will not affect your electricity bill as well. You can also take a large pot which is designed and fill half of it with water. Place 5-6 lighted candles which come in round stands on it and spread flower petals.


Do not ever underestimate the effect confetti can create if utilised properly. Do not spread too much of confetti on the floor as that can add up to a mess. Instead take bits of coloured paper and plastic and spread them on the tables. Also you can toss confetti at the stroke of midnight and wish everyone. Confetti is not at all expensive and can be purchased from anywhere. These few low cost New Year Eve party decoration ideas can really be useful for the upcoming festivity.