7 Lovely Ideas For Boys Baby Shower

Boys Baby Shower

Lovely Ideas For Boys Baby Shower

Baby shower is a traditional occasion which is celebrated in some countries on the arrival of a newly born baby. Parents throw party for their new born baby and invite their close friends and relatives. Guests offer gifts to the parents and give blessings to the baby. The theme for this family function differs with whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl. If your newly born is a boy then here are some “baby shower for boys” ideas.

Interesting Themes For Boys Baby Shower

Monkey In Baby Shower Theme

Monkey Theme For Boys Baby Shower

This super cool and funny theme will surely make your event superb. Different shades of green, teal blue and yellow color will work for the decoration material. As the theme is related to monkey, the invitation cards, thank you cards, Desert plates, dinner plates, table cover, cups, napkins etc. everything should have monkey designed on it. Even the cake and chocolates should be monkey shaped.

An Eco Friendly

Invite your guests through the e-vites. Use the products available in the house or the surroundings for playing games. Make use of recycled material like paper plates, napkins and compostable utensils. Decorate the party area with natural trees, plants and flowers. Ask your guests to bring some natural and useful gifts.

An Eco Friendly Theme For Boys Baby Shower

Sweet Prince

As the name tells, this is a very sweet and cute theme for the baby shower party of your baby boy. You have to dress up your baby like a prince. For his clothes, choose red, purple or white color. Teddy bear designs will look first-class on his costume and shoes. The cake, pastries, chocolates and everything including plates, cups, table cover etc should have teddy bear designed on it.

Sweet Prince Theme For Boys Baby Shower

King Of The Jungle

This is an excellent idea for a wonderful baby shower party. As the lion is called the king of jungle, you have to dress up your kid like a lion of the party. Decorate the party area with leaves, trees, plants, posters or statues of wild animals. Use the jungle pattern in your invitation cards, plates, napkins, cake, table cover etc.

King Of The Jungle Theme For Boys Baby Shower

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Tiny Toes Blue

If bored with the traditional themes, try this one. It is a stylish and cool theme for the function. A soft shade of blue, white, green and tan strips with circular shaped baby footprints that appear like a heart and the bold graphics will provide an attractive touch to your decoration. This theme of Tiny Toes Blue baby shower decoration includes baby shower tablecloths, centerpieces, baby shower balloons, party balloons and garlands, plates and cups.

Tiny Toes Blue Theme For Boys Baby Shower

Robots Baby

This is a funny, silly but a fabulous theme for baby shower event. Though robots cannot be used for the decoration purpose but they can be used for the entertainment. For this you will need some robots which you can get from the sport shops. They will definitely make your guests laugh and enjoy with their various activities.

Robots Baby Theme For Boys Baby Shower

All Star Sports

Love for the sports is in the blood of boys. Every boy love to play sports. So if you have a baby boy, select this as your theme. Decorate the party area with the posters and stickers of various sport stars. Arrange different sports to play in the party like volleyball, cricket, badminton, tennis etc. The food stuff along with the other objects like table cover, plates, cups, napkins etc should be of the same pattern. This will give a classy look to your party.

All Star Sports Theme For Boys Baby Shower