Look Beautiful In Blue Prom Dresses

Today, Blue is the new Black. Every second girl wants to adorn herself in a shade of blue. Well, why wouldn’t she? The colour Blue is the latest fad in town.

It has almost become a must have for every wardrobe as a dress in any blue tinge looks good at all events. So, if you are considering wearing a dress in a blue tone for your prom night as well, run through the following list of blue prom dresses to make you look beautiful and at your best.

Beautiful Blue Prom Dresses

Body Hugging Dress In Metallic Blue

Body Hugging Dress In Metallic Blue

Metallic blue brings in the disco feel in the present times. The color looks very energetic and happening when worn with all glory and confidence. A short dress which hugs your body tight is an apt appearance in metallic blue.

A-Line Dress In Aqua Blue

Aqua blue depicts calm and serenity like the ocean water. Hence, the dress should give out the same aura. Aqua Blue looks prettiest when worn in an A-line cut, floor length dress. When you enter your prom, it will give an impression of an angel descending from the heavens.

Ruffled Dress In Midnight Blue

A short or long dress with a lot of frills and ruffles will look formal and young at the same time. If you want to look your age, go in for a ruffled dress.

Sweetheart Neckline Ruffle Dress

This look will look complete in one of the deepest shades of blue, midnight blue. Since the event is in the night, midnight blue will look appropriate.

Printed Dress In Turquoise Blue

If being formal is not your style and if you want to go in for something more casual, you can choose a printed dress. A printed dress can have two or more colors to show off the prints but has one base color in general. Turquoise blue will add a little ceremonial feel to your otherwise relaxed appearance.

Sequined Dress In Cobalt Blue

A sequined dress will give a shining and sparkling effect to your entire ensemble. You will not need any other accessory to go along with it.

Royal Blue Prom Dress

In addition, you can go in for a subtle and natural makeup to complete the whole look. Cobalt Blue is the perfect color to accentuate your sequined dress.

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Ball gown In Sky Blue

If you want to be dressed in very formal attire then a ball gown is your best option. It will look gorgeous in a tone of sky blue and make you look like a princess. The prince with you is sure to be charmed away with this outfit.

Off Shoulder Dress In Royal Blue

Royal Blue is a shade which can highlight any kind of prom dress. It is one of the richest and deepest tints of blue.

Off Shoulder Dress In Royal Blue

You will look stunning and sexy in an off shoulder dress made to order in royal blue. Heads are sure to turn to look at the most sensuous young lady at the prom.

Draped Dress In Navy Blue

Navy Blue has been in fashion since decades. Yet, every time it is worn, it gives a fresh impression. A draped dress in navy blue will look fantastic for your prom night since it will have layers of fabric in the suave navy blue tinge. You can also go in for a brooch to hold the drapes to give it a fancy yet formal outcome.