Lip Smacking Cookies For A Baby Shower

A baby shower party is mostly a tea-time affair. A handful of dear friends and relatives gather to celebrate the oncoming birth of a new life. Elaborate menus are rarely seen at showers; mostly the food tends to be light yet a feast for the eyes.

A very imperative aspect of a baby shower is to have cookies in the menu or as guest favors. Now cookies are something that you can apply your wide imagination to. You can bring a cookie to life just by adding a little decoration; they can be used to convey messages and can be done in any shape or color and even decorated to match the theme of your party. Here I have an array of cookies that are easy to make but superbly cute that anyone looking at them is sure to skip a heart beat.

Cookies For A Baby Shower

Carraige Cookie

Though carrying baby in a carriage may be a rare sight in today’s modern world yet baby-carriages are something that every mother can relate to. All you need to do is with a carriage shaped cookie cutter you cut out rolled cookie dough and bake. Cool the cookies.

Carraige Cookie

Use royal blue icing or rose pink flow icing to add color to the cookies. You can use any other color to suit the theme . After the basic color has dried use another shade of color to make dots and swirls in the carriage to create wheels and other designs. Any cookie flavor can be used.

Baby Bibs

Bibs resemble babies and babies resemble happiness to a mother. Make these cute bibs in different colors and designs and see the mommy-to-be gush with happiness. Prepare miniature candies using a rubber ducky mold and candy colors (yellow and orange).Roll out your cookie dough and cut bibs using a cookie cutter.

Bake them and cool. Use royal icing to decorate the bibs in different colors and dry overnight. Attach a candy ducky at the center of each bib using royal icing. You can attach small ribbon cuts with royal icing to resemble an actual bib.

Gingerbread Baby

These are a slight modification of the gingerbread man but are very riveting to look at. Cut out gingerbread man shapes with a cutter from your rolled gingerbread dough.

  Gingerbread Baby cookie

Bake and cool. With the help of raisins make eyes, use jam to make lips and use white frosting to create diapers. You will end up with a batch of cute gingerbread babies in diapers!

Classic Choco Cookies

If your shower is elegant and classy and you want the mommy-to-be and her guests feel fuzzy and comfy you can opt for the classic chocolate chip cookies with milk! They are always a delight to eat! The Oreo cookies are also a good option to go along with the milk.

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A Mixed Bucket

You can make these and keep in big bowl to add glamour to the table .Cut your basic cookie dough with cutters in shapes of onesies, rubber ducks and rocking horse.

Color them with varies colors to create a mix of cute delectable cookies. You will love the look on the faces of the guests when they set their eyes on the platter. Any cookie flavor can be used.

Bawling Faces

The first thing a baby does after birth is cry, and that is something that they shall carry one for a year or so. So, the bawling cookies should be the right selection. Bake round shaped cookies and cool them. With chocolate cream make eyes and an up-side down mouth to resemble sad faces and you may add tears too by adding chocolate drops. Coconut shavings colored with food color to match the theme may me attach on frosting to resemble hair.

Fuzzy Bear

Kids love toys and you can make teddy bear shaped cookies to push the cute factor a notch higher. Add chocolate icing to make ears and eyes. You may make colorful teddies too. You may add jams or buttercream to make paws or the belly-patch.