Irresistible Cakes For 50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating 50th wedding anniversary categorically, calls for a toast. It is a delight, to see an aging couple in love and especially when they are celebrating their golden anniversary. As a symbol of their incessant love, let us bake an amazing cake and make this an unforgettable day. Choose a mouth watering cake and bake it for them.

50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

Traditional Fruit Cake With Marzipan Icing

Traditional Fruit Cake With Marzipan Icing

Fruit cakes always bring about fond memories of family get together; bake a traditional fruit cake, which is rich in dry fruits and nuts. For the icing of the cake you can use a marzipan icing or a butter cream icing.

Tiny pink sugar decoration flowers would look lovely on the white background of the icing. This is an exquisite and moist cake and would be devoured by everyone in minutes.

Square Golden Cake

Square Golden Cake

Let the 50th wedding anniversary be celebrated with a golden touch. Bake a light sponge cake, layered with rich butter cream icing. For the frosting of the cake use butter cream that has golden colour mixed in it. Decorate the cake with golden sparkles on the border and with red edible roses made of fondant icing.

Finger Licking Chocolate Brownie Cake With Chocolate Frosting

Finger Licking Chocolate Brownie Cake With Chocolate Frosting

Make a brownie cake, which is rich with delicious melted milk chocolate and with the crunch of walnuts and cashew nuts. There are two options for the icing, it can be suited according to individual palette go for a chocolate butter cream frosting with a cocoa powder dusting on the top, keep it simple.

For the second option go for a rich chocolate ganache icing, make whirls on the top of the cake so it has a rustic touch. Grate chocolate shavings on top of the cake.

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Blueberry Cheese Cake

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Let this 50th anniversary be a cheesy affair, with a delicious cheese cake. If you are having a party this is the best cake to be opted for, it serves as a cake as well as a dessert. This cheese cake has a rich biscuit base of smooth powdery biscuit crumps and melted butter.

The middle layer is a luscious, creamy cheesy batter and top layer of the cheese cake has wonderful blueberries with their juices emitting the purple tinge .Guests would not even be able to resist their temptations, to wait for the cake to be cut.

Carrot Cake Inscribed In Figure 50

Carrot Cake Inscribed In Figure 50

Elderly people love carrot cakes, especially when they are luxurious scattered with walnuts. The cake batter base has a right balance of grated carrots and crunchy walnuts, these cakes are baked in baking tins which are in the numerical shape of “5” and “0”.

Carrot cakes are basically heavier cakes and would come out perfectly in the numerical shapes. The frosting of the cake is a succulent cream cheese frosting with a generous spread of powdered walnuts. Around the border of the cake, place whole walnuts, for the added effect.

Diamond Shaped Cake

Diamond Shaped Cake

The shape of the cake will be of diamond, the cake would be a lovely orange cake with liberal pieces of milk chocolate in them. This is a moist and delicious cake with a hint of orange flavour obtained through orange zest and sweet and tangy orange juice .With each bite of the cake you get a melted bit of chocolate ,this brings back fond memories of your child hood.

The frosting of the cake would be a plain chocolate frosting with a right mix of butter and cocoa powder. When you see a smile on elderly people’s faces it definitely brightens up your day and that smile is divine. Let your delectable cake make them smile.