4 Interesting Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Interesting Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Interesting Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

A pirate birthday party is perfect for a child that loves the sea, mermaids, and a boatload of pirates! This sort of party is fun for children of all ages and both sexes (Girls love pirate themed parties too!). Here are some ideas to get you and your family “yo-ho-ho-ing” in true piratical fashion!

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Pirate Birthday Party Themes

Theme For Pirate Birthday Party

Yes, you can have a theme within a theme. There are various pirate party themes like “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”, “The Treasure Island”, “The Black Buccaneer”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean” (for older children).  For little girls you can go with a pink pirate party theme, or couple pink and one of the above mentioned themes like the Treasure Island theme, for a unique pirate birthday party for your little girl. Alternatively, you could simply combine all the themes to create a fun filled birthday celebration.

Pirate Birthday Invitations

You can purchase ready-made pirate birthday invitations from stores or print out free pirate invitation templates customized with your own message. It is easy to find ready-made pirate invitations at online stores like Amazon, and Etsy. You can even purchase cute message-in-a-bottle pirate themed invitations, which consist of scrolls inscribed in authentic pirate lingo complete with a decorative corked bottle to stick your invite in.

Invitations For Pirate Birthday Party

These are ideal for a pirate birthday party. If you prefer to make your own party invites, you can use cardstock, marker pens, and poster paints to make a simple but cute invitation. Take a sheet of off-white colored cardstock, and use marker pens and paints to decorate all around the invite with Jolly Rodgers and other pirate motifs. In the middle, using a black marker pen you can write out your message using amusing pirate jargon. Stick this invite in an envelope or rolled up in a decorated plastic bottle with a cork and it’s ready for posting.

Pirate Themed Decorations

There is a nice variety of pirate birthday party décor available in stores online and in party stores. Online stores like Amazon and eBay offer cute pirate themed party décor packages comprising of paper plates, napkins, paper cups, plastic cutlery, table cloth, party hats, balloons and other pirate themed décor.

At online stores like Etsy, Amazon and Zazzle you can also find pirate themed pennants and banners. Some of the pirate birthday party kits available also include invitations, favors and games.  To make your own pirate streamers or banners, all you have to do is cut diamond shapes out of black colored paper, and draw Jolly Roger motifs in white paint. Fold these diamonds in half over a long string of twine and glue the halves so you have dangling triangular shapes, which you can string along the ceiling. You can also decorate plain paper cups, plates and other items to go with the pirate theme.

Decorations For Pirate Birthday Party

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Pirate Birthday Party Games, Food And Favors

The Disney site offers some nice ideas for pirate themed games like the pirate themed “Simon Says” game. The site also features some nice pirate themed cakes like treasure chest, pirate ship and treasure map cakes. Alternatively, you could make pirate themed cupcakes for each of your guests.

Food For Pirate Birthday Party

Other snacks you can prepare to complete your pirate menu are goldfish crackers, chocolate coins, healthy ship-shaped snacks (look up Disney for a cute sail ship snack) and more. After the kids are done with their meal, give them something little to remember the special day. You can either buy pirate birthday party favors or make favors like bookmarks, decorated pencils, and loot bags with pirate themed items.

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas