Interesting Kids Easter Recipes

Easter is the time when your kids get to enjoy a lot with their friends from the neighborhood and munch lots of goodies and share them with their friends, too. It is not only about collecting Easter eggs and chocolates but it involves very rich heritage and tradition that revolves around baking up biscuits and other sweet dishes. You can surprise your kids with many interesting kids Easter recipes that would make them thrilled.

Interesting Kids Easter Recipes

Jelly Bean Eggs On Easter Nests Of Noodles

This is a no bake treat to make your kids engaged on Easter. You can prepare the nest by breaking up the noodles and mixing it with sugar and corn syrup, which are boiled well into a thick sauce.

Jelly bean eggs on Easter nests of Noodles

You can also add peanut butter. When it is little warm, give it a shape of  a nest and place it on butter paper to cool. Now you can ask your kids to place a few jelly beans in it as eggs. This will also make your kids happy as they are also a part of it.

Easter Egg Biscuits

This is another fun recipe, where you can involve your kids. You can choose any round biscuit, like arrowroot and slightly snap the edges to make them oval shape. You can use chocolate sauce or icing sugar with cream as the topping over these eggs and decorate them with sugar balls or lollies.

  Easter egg biscuits

You can also ask your kids to decorate these on their own as in this way their creativity will be improved. You can also wrap these Easter biscuits in a cellophane paper and place a small ribbon over it so that these look attractive.

Cute Easter Bunny Recipe

You can transform a simple vanilla cupcake into interesting kid’s Easter dish. You can make these treats by decorating with a bit of icing sugar and butter cream to draw a face on the cake and place two sprinklers as eyes.

Cute Easter bunny recipe

This is a delightful dish to look at and this cute looking recipe will be a hit among your children, especially daughters. You can also ask them to place the eyes so that they get involved  in the preparation.

Easter Truffle Eggs

These truffles made out of chocolate are great alternative to the shop bought eggs for Easter. Just make a nest out of sticks and place these eggs to offer a realistic feeling.

Easter truffle eggs

You can melt plain chocolate and whisk in the egg yolk, butter and the food color of your choice. Then cool the mixture and shape into balls and dust with icing sugar before placing in the fridge.

Easter Eggs From Marshmallow

Marshmallows are the favorite of all kids. Thus, you can make a fabulous Easter recipe out of it. You can double boil the marshmallow to melt well. Spoon them into egg shaped mold and refrigerate for some time to set them.

Easter eggs from Marshmallow

You can then dust them with icing sugar and decorate with sprinklers on the top. You can also ask your kids to write their names on these kids Easter recipes.