5 Interesting Ideas For Homemade Christmas Gifts

5 Interesting Ideas For Homemade Christmas Gifts

If you want to add a personal touch to all your gifts this Christmas season, you can do so by making your own thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Gifting homemade Christmas gifts is not only an awesome way to show your loved ones how much you care for them but it is also easy on your pocket.

If you need some help choosing what to make, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some interesting ideas for homemade Christmas gifts to help you make the most awesome gifts ever!

Unique Ideas For Homemade Christmas Gifts 

1. Homemade Food Gifts For Christmas

There’s nothing like a box of homemade chocolates, homemade fudge or scrumptious homemade cookies to make someone’s day, so you can never go wrong with homemade food gifts. One of the simplest and yummiest food gifts you can make are decorated jars full of cookies. You could also bake gingerbread men or Christmas tree cookies to accentuate the holiday theme.

Alternatively, you could gift your loved ones some delicious homemade fudge made the traditional way using cocoa powder and milk instead of sweetened chocolate chips, and you can add a bit of Christmas cheer to your fudge by decorating the pieces with stars using light colored chocolate icing.

Homemade Food Gifts For Christmas

Similarly, with a bit of creativity and culinary skill you can modify other food items like cakes and chocolates to create the most delicious Christmas themed gifts, which are a treat to the eyes and the palate. It is also important to package your delectable homemade Christmas gifts in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. You can do this by using nice boxes and glass jars decorated with ribbons, netting and decorative tags.

2. Homemade Guest Towels

Most homes are filled to the brim with guests during Christmas time so gifting your loved ones and friends’ cute Christmassy homemade guest towels is a most thoughtful and appropriate idea. All you need to make these guest towels are some readymade plain white towels, some red colored broad decorative ribbons, green velvet material and embroidery thread.

Take a couple of lengths of the decorative ribbon and sew it along both ends of a towel. Next, cut out small holly leaf shapes out of the velvet material and sew them on to the towel above the ribbon. Using embroidery thread you can embroider “Merry Christmas” at the right hand side corner of the towel in large and decorative lettering. Repeat this process for all the other towels, use wrapping paper and ribbon to wrap them up and you will have lovely and useful homemade Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

Homemade Guest Towels

3. Homemade Potpourri Sachets

Giving away homemade potpourri sachets is another interesting idea for homemade Christmas gifts. These refreshing little sachets are filled to the brim with potpourri (dried flowers) and give off a delightful scent. You can purchase potpourri at various online stores and then fill a beautifully decorated little bag with them. To make a pretty Christmas themed sachet all you need is some red or green silk fabric, a length of matching ribbon and some embroidery thread.

First of all take a small piece of silk fabric and embroider a Christmas themed motif like a snowman’s head on the silk and then embroider a nice message below like “Merry Christmas” for example. Now you can sew the fabric into a little drawstring bag using a bit of ribbon in place of the usual rope-like string. Fill this bag with your potpourri and you’re done!

Homemade Potpourri Sachets

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4. Homemade Pomander Christmas Gifts

Pomander gifts are definitely awesome homemade Christmas gifts as they are not only attractive decorations but are also useful as air fresheners. You can make these fragrant air fresheners using citrus fruits like oranges and a handful of cloves. To make a pomander all you need to do is take a fresh orange and make well-spaced holes in it using a pair of scissors or a skewer.

You can follow a particular pattern or design while making the holes or you can cover the entire surface of the orange with holes. Next, you can take a whole clove and insert it into one of these holes (end-first) leaving the clove head out. Repeat this process until you have filled all the holes with cloves. The more cloves you use the longer the pomander will last.

Homemade Pomander Christmas Gifts

You can complete the process by baking the orange for a short while and then tying a decorative ribbon or some lovely lace around it. If you want to add decorative embellishments, you can do so by carefully inserting beads on bell pins or small nails into the pomander at intervals. You can also stick a large pin at the top of the pomander and tie a short bow around it using ribbon for an extra decorative touch.

Bear in mind that these additional decorative touches may cause the pomander to decay faster. Place these scented pomanders in a small decorative box or a colored netted bag tied with satin ribbon and you’ve got a lovely homemade Christmas gift for someone special.

5. Homemade Snow Globe

Snow globes make excellent ornamental Christmas gifts. You can make your very own snow globe by using simple and easily obtainable items and art supplies. All you need is a large and wide mouthed glass jar (preferably a round jar or glass pot) through which you can stick your whole hand, some white glitter or fake snow, cardboard and some small store bought Christmas ornaments like tiny snowmen or Christmas trees for example.

First of all draw a circle that is smaller than the mouth of the jar on the cardboard and paint it white. With the help of a strong adhesive you can paste the miniature ornaments on the painted surface of the cardboard. Using the same adhesive carefully paste the cardboard inside the jar (bottom). If the lid of the jar is made of tin, you can cover it using felt paper in Christmassy colors like red or green.

Homemade Snow Globe

Now you can fill the jar with white glitter or fake snow until it hides the bottom part of the ornaments, then screw on the lid and adorn it with a bit of satin ribbon and your simple but lovely homemade Christmas gift is ready!