4 Interesting Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

This is one of the most memorable days for every bride-to-be. She celebrates this lovely day with all her near and dear ones. This is the day, when you can actually pamper the bride-to-be and surprise her with many unique and interesting gifts. If you are a bridesmaid, the job of the party arrangements lies with you. Try to find the best theme for the bridal shower.

This is your time to actually show your true love and care for your bride-to-be. Though you can always take the help of your friends while choosing a bridal shower theme, but trying something new and out of the box wouldn’t be a bad idea. Following are some exciting bridal shower theme ideas.

Tips For Bridal Shower Theme

1. Kitchen Shower

This is great theme for a bridal shower. Make arrangements of all the favorite food items of the bride-to-be and shower her with useful kitchen gifts like some recipe books of her favorite chef, expensive cutlery items or may be a pair of champagne glasses. Make unique invitation cards with pictures of kitchen cutlery items on it. Welcome all the guests by giving them kitchen aprons and chef hats. Ask each one of the coming guests to bring a homemade food snack along with them.

2. All Girls Party

This is a fun and ever popular theme for a bridal shower. Your bride-to-be would love to spend the entire day with her favorite girls. Choose feminine colors for this party like pink, red, white or sea green. Set the dress code as lingerie and ask every girl to dress in her favorite nightgown or lingerie. Decorate your home with colorful ribbons, flowers and satin sheets all around. Use netted table clothes with aromatic candles on it. Also use loads of potpourri sachets and big bouquets of artificial flowers. The gifts for the bride-to-be would be sultry gowns, lingerie or perfumes.

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3. Travel Theme

Another interesting theme for the bridal shower would be the travel which is also referred to as the honeymoon theme. Gift useful items to the bride-to-be which will be useful for her while traveling like luggage bags, cosmetic box and useful handy items. You can even gift her two honeymoon tickets of her favorite destination. Make the invitations cards which look like airplane tickets and passports. Decorate the party venue with paper airplanes, hanging boats and travel luggage. To make the party more fun, ask all the guests to dress up as airline hosts and hostesses.

4. Beach Theme

A beach bridal shower is yet another very popular theme. Decorate your house with sand, seashells, aquarium, flowers and loads of blue balloons. You can also place seashell shaped candles on each table.

Make sure to include sea food items in the main course like salmon, fried fish and crabs along with fruit punch and cocktails in drinks. You can use shell shaped cards for the invitation. Ask everyone to dress in funky beach wear with bikinis, shorts or mini skirts. Include gift items like cameras, flip flops, colorful umbrellas and towels, hats and sunglasses.