Interesting Bridal Shower Games And Activities

Bridal Shower Games A bridal shower with good friends and fun activities is every bride’s birth right. After all the planning and scheduling of events, all the running around she deserves to have a great and fun-filled celebration in the form of a bachelorette party.

Hence, all her friends should organize one and give her the best bridal shower. Mentioned here is a list of all the games and activities you can arrange for your friend’s bridal shower.

6 Top Games For Bridal Shower

A Soothing Spa Visit

There are a million things always going through a bride’s mind. She will always have a thing or two unchecked on her to-do list which will keep running through her brain.

Hence, it is very important to have her relaxed at the bridal shower so that she can enjoy to the fullest. So, as part of the bridal shower, take her to a spa in order that she can unwind and enjoy the after party.

Rapid Fire Questions

You can have a round of questions prepared for the bride to answer to know how well she knows her to be husband.

The same questions should be asked to the groom first and the answers should be recorded in advance. It will be fun to know, how much the bride knows her partner, just a few days before their wedding.

Drinking Game – Never Have I Ever

In case, you have alcohol at the party, you can organize a drinking game called, ‘Never Have I Ever’. In this game, all the girls sit down in a circle and one by one say one thing they have never ever done.

drinking games at party

All the girls who have done that particular thing before have to have sip of their drink. For example, one person would say ‘Never Have I Ever had sex’. The ones who have had sex before will have to take a sip of their drink.

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Naughty Game – Dumb Charades

Assuming you are all adults at the bridal shower, you can have a naughty game arranged for your friend. You can write down all naughty things and sex actions on a piece of paper, fold them and put them in a bowl.

One by one everyone has to act out the thing or action without speaking a word. The bride has to then guess what they are describing. If she is unsuccessful in guessing the word, then a punishment can be given to them by the bride.

The Dirty Dancing

The bride needs to be made feel special at her bridal shower. So, here’s one activity which will do just that.

girls dance long

All the girls, one after another will do some pole or lap dancing for the bride. The bride then gets to choose the winner amongst all.

Hideous Photograph Ever

You girls should have some fun too for giving a great bridal shower to your soon to be bride friend. You will have to dig out the most hideous photograph of the groom that you possess or take from someone who is close to the groom.

Then, after a few activities, you have to make the bride run around the place with the photograph stating that she is marrying this not-so-handsome, ugly looking guy in a few days. This commotion is sure to make all of you laugh your head off.