Interesting Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

The excitement in a baby shower programme starts with the invitations itself. Depending on the theme, season or even the sex of the child; the invites can be thus designed. Here are some interesting designs for you to choose from.

Unique Baby Shower Invitation Ideas


Since ages we have all heard our parents telling us that “the stork” brought us to them. So why not incorporate the same in the card itself? Either cut out the shape of a stork, paint it and then stick the invitation on its beak.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Else you could even buy small plastic storks and put them in a box together with the invitation card inside it.


Write out the invitation or stick the card on a baby diaper! You could even cut out small pieces of colourful cloths and fold it such that it looks like a baby’s nappy. Then pin the card onto it with the help of colourful safety pins.


First frost cupcakes such that they look like either like a sleeping baby or even a teddy bear. In fact you could try out any idea of your choice that goes with the theme of your shower.

Cupcakes invitation ideas

Then put one cupcake in a small cane basket and gift wrap it with a transparent cellophane paper. Put a bow on top and stick the baby shower invitation card on it.

Baby Bump

Take the mother-to-be’s picture with her baby bump and stick the card on the bump.

Baby Soft Toy

You could buy small baby soft toys (if you know the sex of your child then its better) and place them in a small cradle. You could make your own cradle with cardboard and paints! Then write out the invitation on the cradle itself.


Ask a balloon sculpting expert to sculpt out a baby out of balloons. Together with the card, gift this to all your invitees.


If you cannot find one who can make this baby shaped balloon for you then just tie a whole bunch of colourful balloons, in different shapes and sizes, with a bow and stick your baby shower card on it.

Baby feeder/bottle

Buy small feeding bottles. Next write out your card and roll it into the bottle. Quite a cute and interesting baby shower invitation this one would make.

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Buy aromatic candles of different colors or even get them designed in the shape of teddies or even cartoon characters. Next gift wrap them into a basket or even a box and give it together with your card to all your invitees.

Coin for Good Luck

Many cultures believe that sticking a coin to the card or even to the envelope of the card brings good luck. You could do the same.


Why not try your hand at writing a poem for your baby? Once you have done that print it out in colored paper and write out your invitation at the bottom of it. Next roll it and tie it with a bow – blue of you are having a boy or pink if it is a girl that you are expecting.

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