Interesting And Unique Christmas Gifts

When Christmas comes around people have a tendency to frantically scurry about looking for the most perfect and unique Christmas gifts for their loved ones but often end up choosing the usual mundane gifts like ties and perfume. However, with a little planning and moderate expense it is highly possible to purchase truly unique Christmas gifts for loved ones. Here’s a descriptive list of interesting and unique Christmas gifts to help you choose a gift that is out of the ordinary.

Interesting And Unique Christmas Gifts

Ideas For Christmas gifts

Art Works

Art works like paintings and sculptures for example make interesting and unique Christmas gifts especially if you know what sort of art the gift recipient really loves. You needn’t be worried about the expense either as it is possible to find decent art work at affordable prices. What’s more, you can purchase awesome art works right from the comfort of your home by patronizing online stores that sell art like eBay for example.

Interesting And Unique Christmas Gifts

There are so many lesser known but gifted artists out there who sell their art works at reasonable prices. Paintings are the most easily obtained but it is also possible to find sculptures and other art works at stores and sites online. If you’re interested in paintings you can even purchase them from art community sites like Deviant Art.

It is also possible to purchase digital art works from Deviant Art. If you want art works that are even cheaper, you can always purchase them from art students who usually sell their works at a cheaper rate. You can also give artists commissions to make or paint art works according to your preferences. Of course if you are artistically gifted, you don’t need to purchase any art work at all you can make your own artsy and unique Christmas gift!


With so many services and entertainment options available online, you can be sure that an e-membership gift to a loved one will definitely be appreciated. Of course you have to make sure that these unique Christmas gifts suit the gift recipient’s tastes and preferences.

For example, you can purchase a one year MMO game subscription for popular and pay-to-play games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy for video game enthusiasts, and even if the gift recipient already has a subscription you can gift him or her in-game items that can be purchased at the game developer’s store or the in-game store. Similarly, you can gift your loved ones other e-memberships like online movie rental subscriptions from Netflix, online library memberships and more.

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Spruce Tree Saplings

What could be better than gifting a person a Christmas tree for Christmas? Spruce tree sapling gifts are not only unique Christmas gifts in general but are also extremely appropriate gifts for loved ones that enjoy gardening in their leisure time. Of course you will have to make certain they have room for the trees.

Interesting And Unique Christmas Gifts

You can purchase spruce tree saplings or seedlings from a local nursery or you can purchase Colorado blue spruce seedlings at online stores like eBay and Bonanza. These little saplings are very cute and are usually decorated with ornaments or ribbons and burlap sacks (to hold the soil). If you find it a bit cumbersome to purchase and have a spruce tree sapling shipped to a loved one, you can always gift them spruce tree seeds to grow from scratch. You can purchase Colorado blue spruce seeds at the eBay site and other stores.


Gifting a pet to a loved one is also a wonderfully unique Christmas gift idea. A pet will not only show your gift recipient how much you care but will also provide constant companionship. Once again it is important to make sure that the gift recipients will actually like the pets that are chosen. You must also make sure that the recipient is not allergic to the pet.

The best thing to do is either question your mutual friends or relatives or ask the person yourself (discretely of course). Sometimes it’s best not to surprise a loved one suddenly with a pet. Instead, you can surprise your loved one by taking him or her to the pet store and asking them to choose the perfect pet.

If you have trouble choosing a pet for someone, try to select a pet which requires less care. Pets like certain kinds of fish do not require a great deal of maintenance and do not take up much space. You can purchase different kinds of fish and other aquatic life online at stores like Live Aquaria and eBay. You can also give pet supplies along with these colorful and lively unique Christmas gifts.