Implausible Tropical Wedding Theme

Gone are the days of traditional weddings, with a church ceremony and reception at a hotel. Now the trend is towards destination weddings with the tropical theme, up and about. Couples feel that this is one of the best days, in their life and they want to go all out and make it flashy, and use all the possible resources.

If you are planning to travel to a particular destination, then the couple will have to do a detailed research, on the availability and the prices, before outright fixing on it. Do some, ground work on the best options, and book well in advance to get the best rates? All the items, needed for the tropical theme can be sourced from the markets, in the area and this way, the cost comes well within the budget.

Sunset Theme


The colours in this theme, is inspired from sunset, the scheme of colour, should be yellow. The invitation cards can portray a whacky idea, of printing, yellow colour airmail with the stamp of the destination you are planning.

sunset themed wedding invitations

This would be a surprise, for the invitees and they will have a rough idea of the theme, and this creates a lot of anticipation.

Bridal Train

The bride should pick up a cream colour informal chiffon wedding dress; the dress should be different from the gowns that are worn at a church wedding. The bride’s maids should be dressed in yellow short dresses; these look, absolutely stunning, and fits the colour scheme. The bouquet of the bride and her bride’s maids should be deep yellow in colour and it would be gorgeous.


The centre pieces on the table should have medium sized glass jars, filled with bright yellow candies. Another option, for the centre piece would be to have bottles, filled with mango juice and this would be unique.

The doorway, where the couple makes their grand entrance can be decorated with bright yellow flowers, like sunflower with evergreen leaves, this would be awe-inspiring. The favors can be candies packed, in yellow transparent pouches tied with an orange ribbon.

Orchids And lilies


A venue decorated, with white flowers, personify elegance, and let your venue be the most astounding place guests have ever set their eyes on. The reception should take place under a canopy, richly decorated with white lilies and orchids alternatively.

Orchids And lilies Decoration

The table should be covered with a pure white table cloth, with floral prints embedded on them. The centre pieces on the table should be long stems of orchid arrangements.

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Bride & Groom

The bride should wear an organza short dress designed with self print designs of orchid flowers on them. The bride’s maid’s can wear aqua blue wedding dress. The bride and her maids should carry strings of lilies, tied together in such a way they hang loosely around the hands. The groom and the best man should wear white silk ties with orchid prints on them.

A wedding cake is an integral part of the wedding, bake a two-tier coffee walnut cake, covered with luscious cream cheese frosting, and decorated with purple orchid flowers made out of fondant icing.

Hawaiian Theme

Invitation Cards

Even though you are not able to host your wedding in Hawaii, a Hawaiian theme wedding is the best one to ape and conduct it in the location you prefer. Take a Hawaiian invitation card template off the internet, the card should have a light purple background with white floral prints on them, this would be the front page.

Hawaiian Theme wedding Invitation Cards

At the back of the card mention the details of the venue and the date. The bride’s maids can be dressed in a dress that is purple in colour with large white floral prints, in sync with the colour scheme, of the invitation card. There is no need for bouquets for this theme; the bride’s maids can have white flower garlands around them.

Centre Pieces For Table

The centre piece on the table can be carved pineapple in the shape of a bowl with rich fruit salad in it. This could be served as the fresh appetizer for the function. The wedding cake can be the main decoration on the gift table. For the cake order for a chocolate cake, with vanilla butter cream, frosting and make a Hawaiian couple from fondant icing and place on the top of the cake.

Arrange for a band to play, Hawaiian music so that the guests, can dance to the tune. Incorporate all these, brilliant ideas into your wedding day and make this splendid.