Illustrious Ideas For Wedding Reception Decoration

wedding reception decorations A wedding reception is given to obtain the good wishes and blessings of your family and friends. The guests personally meet the newly married couple and wish for them good things in life.

It is a way of celebrating the union of two souls and for the love and luck in their forth coming journey. The decoration at this festive celebration has to be lively and in tandem with the colors and themes used at the wedding. We bring to you some stunning and illustrious ideas for wedding reception decoration.

Stunning Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Entry And Foyer

A wedding reception can be given a grand appeal with a Red Carpet entry for the guests. A signboard at a little distance in the foyer should have the married couple’s names written on them in style. The entire foyer can be lit up in bright lights or with candles running through on both sides till the entrance.

Entry decorations

You can place a coffee table book at the side just after the entry under an arch that reads “Bestow your special wishes” or “Shower your love” for the guests to write a little note for the bride and groom.

Venue Decor

The entire venue should have dictating decoration. You can have metallic gossamer drapes ornamented with string twinkle lights. Columns made up of white glowing inflatable fabric can be positioned at regular intervals with blue or red carnations at the top giving an ethereal effect. You can have purple and gold chandeliers used as danglers and hanging all over the venue. Golden light wired trees can also be used as a regular decor for the venue.


A stage should be set up for a live string quartet playing songs throughout the festivity. It can have a backdrop with a huge illustration of your theme or a romantic picture of the bride and groom. Alternatively, you can have a projector with a slide show running the couple’s pictures all throughout the event.

wedding reception decoration

A flower canopy is another idea for the stage so that when the bride and groom go on stage for a toast, they look picture perfect. A banner that reads “To the Bride and Groom” with a picture of two glasses tinkling for a toast will look great and stunning.

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Dance Floor

The dance floor will be proof of the bride and groom’s first dance for years to come. Hence, it has to be picturesque. Globes of lanterns can be hung above in matching colors of the theme. Heart balloons can be scattered all over the dance floor for a romantic feel.

Rose petals can be showered on the couple while they sway to their song. Mirror balls and LED lights are other must haves for the dance floor. If you are flexible on the budget, you can have laser lights which give a spectacular effect when in use.

Tables and Buffet

Delicious delicacies are sure to be waiting for all guests at the reception. However, they should appear tasteful too. The table linen and chair fabric should be used in sync with the theme and colors. The centerpieces should be done up in style by using candles, crystals, glassware and flowers in a great amalgamation.

Tables and Buffet

You can simply have a flower bouquet in crystal vases or candle bouquet with glasses for a unique look. To top it all, with a handsome budget on hand, you can go in for a champagne fountain which will be the ultimate cherry on the cake for your dreamy reception.