6 Ideas To Decorate The Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Ideas To Decorate The Baby Shower Diaper Cake

If you are planning to attend a baby shower, a diaper cake is one of the best gifts that you can offer to the new mom and her baby. Apart from being attractive, it is an extremely useful gift item. A diaper cake consists of single or multi tiers of diapers arranged like a cake with multiple baby products attached to it in attractive ways. The cake can be decorated with toys, ribbons, satin, and silk too.

Ideas To Decorate The Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are readily available in the markets or you can even get one customized as per your creativity. If you are heading for the baby shower of a girl, there are imaginative ways to get you diaper cake decorated for the little princess. Get a basic diaper cake and get set to decorate it. Here are some top ideas to go about it:

Tips To Decorate The Diaper Cake

Satin, Teddies, Pink And Red

Sounds girl like, doesn’t it? These are the basic things that would make any gift look very feminine. So, decorate the diaper cake with small teddies, pink or red colored rattles, bath toys or any other items like these. Attach small pretty satin flowers or wrap satin or silk ribbons in attractive ways! Dots, stripes, butterflies, and dolls are the trendy designs and prints for girls.

Satin, Teddies

Shape It Up

You can dress up the diaper cake to give it a shape of any item that would symbolize for a baby girl. Use ready items like a fairy dress or a doll dress and cover up the cake. Alternatively you can creatively wrap up the cake with silk or quilts to shape them up as teddies or dolls.

Shape It Up

Innovative Items For Decoration

Colorful booties, bibs or pink hankies and hats can go in nicely as decorative items. You can also use hair accessories like pins and bows. You can use pictures of the baby princess and make the cake look more personal.

Innovative Items

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Theme Based Decoration

If the baby shower is based on a particular theme and you know about it, you may decorate the cake to suit the theme as well. For example, if the theme is doll, you can use pretty doll dress up or decorate the cake with pink dress up and top it up with a doll.

Theme Based Decoration

Diaper Cakes For Twin Baby Girls

You can either prepare 2 cakes with same colors or you can use a dual color combination with pair of each item to symbolize twins.

Twin Baby Girls

Things To Remember

Whenever you gift a diaper cake, whether ready made or decorated by you, you need to make sure that the items that are used for the diaper cake need to be of a good quality. Health and hygiene are two important things for an infant.

The diapers, toys and all other items should be suitable to be used for the kid without causing any harm. The smaller toys and the stuffed toys should not be hazardous in any way. All the items that go in for the preparation of this cake gather dust very quickly.

Hence, when you prepare get the diaper cake ready, it is advisable to wrap it up. You can use a transparent wrap up to show your gift off!

Things To Remember