7 Ideas To Celebrate The 25th Wedding Anniversary

Ideas To Celebrate The 25th Wedding Anniversary

The wedding anniversary is one of the most special days in a couple’s life. It is cherished for a lifetime and the journey of togetherness takes on a different dimension with every passing year.

Not only do the couple share the highs and lows of life, they become inseparable soul mates who understand each other inside out. And when you have taken this amazing journey for 25 long years, it certainly is an astounding achievement and is reason enough to hold a grand celebration.

Since the 25th anniversary is considered to be a milestone achievement, couples tend to share this joy with family and close friends. So, if you are also thinking of hosting a 25th Anniversary, for yourself or your parents, here are some great ideas for celebrating the 25th Anniversary in style.

Ideas To Celebrate The 25th Wedding Anniversary

1. Make Arrangements For A Grand Party

The best way to celebrate the 25th Anniversary is to spend time with loved ones. And since, you may not have had a chance to catch up with everyone for so long, this occasion can act as the perfect opportunity for a grand reunion of friends and family. Therefore, when you are planning the 25th Anniversary party, make sure that you are meticulously working out the details.

To begin with, send out invites to all your close friends and relatives. Make a list of invitees to check whether you have invited all of them or not. Then, fix a budget for the party. Accordingly, make your plans for booking the venue. If possible, try to hold the party at the place where the original wedding ceremony had taken place or the venue where the reception was hosted. However, if you want to do away with bookings, celebrate this grand occasion at home. Think of an appropriate menu, decorations and you are all set to host your 25th Anniversary party.

Make Arrangements For A Grand Party

2. An Intimate Dinner For The Couple

A romantic dinner at one of the couple’s favourite restaurants can be a great idea for celebrating the 25th Anniversary. The couple can either choose to go alone or take their children along. Some special guests like close relatives and friends can also be invited over to the restaurant. This would be an amazing idea of spending quality time with the people you love, without having to spend a lot on a gala anniversary party. After the guests have left, the two of you can choose to stay on at the restaurant, reminiscing the good times that you have spent together.

An Intimate Dinner For The Couple

3. Think Of Renewing Your Vows

Since you have completed 25 years of married life, it is an achievement in itself. And to rekindle the love in your relationship, you can think of renewing your vows once again. You can either do this on your anniversary party or do it in front of an informal gathering of close friends, family and relatives. Alternatively, you can also choose to visit the church where you had taken the wedding vows. Get yourself another pair of wedding rings and exchange it in the church. Indians on the other hand, can choose to celebrate their wedding day once again, in a unique fashion, repeating the promises they had made on their special day.

Think Of Renewing Your Vows

4. Reliving The Glorious Past Through Videos Or Photos

Over the years, you must have accumulated a number of memories in the form of photographs and videos. If you can just sit back and enjoy the old pictures, memories would come tumbling out of the closet and in no time, both of you would have a smile on your face, remembering the good times that you have spent together. And if you do have your wedding video, don’t forget to watch it on this auspicious day. It will only make your bond stronger and will motivate you to stay this way for the rest of your life.

Reliving The Glorious Past Through Videos Or Photos

5. Surprise Your Spouse

The 25th Anniversary is a great time to make your spouse know how special he or she is to you. Hence, to express your love, gift your husband or wife a bouquet of red roses in the morning. This will certainly begin the day on a good note and both of you would be extremely happy with it. You can also choose to do certain things that you had not done for years.

For example, if your wife brings you tea every morning, on this day, you can make an effort to go and get the tea before she wakes up. Your wife might as well surprise you with a lip-smacking delicacy that you would love to devour. Thus, doing little things for each other on the anniversary can be a great idea for celebrating this memorable day.

Surprise Your Spouse

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6. Plan A Second Honeymoon

After 25 years of marriage, you might realize that you had not gone for a honeymoon immediately after your marriage or may not have been able to spend quality time on your honeymoon. And may be after so many years, you have a lot of time to spend with your better half. If you think so, make the most of this time and don’t hesitate to make plans for a second honeymoon. It is an awesome idea to celebrate your 25th anniversary and will certainly make you feel good. Choose a favourite destination and make the bookings in advance.

 Plan A Second Honeymoon

7. Choose Some Special Gifts For Your Partner

The 25th Anniversary celebrations would be incomplete without the perfect gift. So, spice up your anniversary, get your partner a special gift. Traditionally, the 25th Anniversary, also referred to as the silver jubilee, is marked with gifts in silver. The husband can therefore, choose to silver jewellery for the wife and she can gift her spouse a silver cufflink. You can also gift things that your partner likes. After all, a heartfelt gift is more important than its materialistic value. So, even if it is something as simple as a chocolate, try to choose gifts that are close to your partner’s heart.

choose Some Special Gifts For Your Partner

Overall, a combination of all these ideas would make the perfect 25th Anniversary celebration.