7 Ideas For Wedding Table Decorations

Ideas For Wedding Table Decorations

 Ideas For Wedding Table Decorations

The Wedding Table is one of the mainstays of the Wedding and something that attracts a lot of praise and criticism from the guests. Nothing goes unnoticed by a critic’s eye. Proper decoration is a must.

Florists have a big say on how the decorations should be. Photographs of previous displays can give you some ideas. Most of the things which sparkle catch people’s eyes so use them in abundance. Candlelights with scattered gold and silver sprinkle will dazzle your guests.

Winter weddings can use wedding crackers as decorations. Roses never go out of fashion and sprinkling their petals is a romantic way of adding decorations. Your wedding photos amongst red petals are really a beautiful sight.

Choosing Wedding Table Decorations

An awesome wedding ceremony demands an appropriate wedding reception. The right wedding table decorations will help you in putting a step in the direction of adulation and praises from your guest if certain things are in order.

Wedding Table Decorations

Firstly, the venue of the reception is very important. A catering hall or a similar location will take care of the decorations for you. The season is also important. The outside environment should be appropriate for it too. This will also lead the way for you to decide what the theme should be.

Decorations chosen by you will determine whether it is an informal reception or a formal classy one. Think about it, rule out stale ideas, narrow it down to what you are looking for, and then go for it.

Inexpensive Wedding Table Decoration

One of focal points of attraction is the Wedding Table. Let’s see what we can do to help make your Wedding Table beautiful and inexpensive.

1) The arrangements should depend on the number of guests available and the way food is served and the size of the venue.

2) Oval or Round tables are more elegant way of going about the job. If the tables are arranged in clusters then the guests will mingle more.

3) U shaped buffet tables will save you space and prevent less crowding


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Classic white or Multiple Colors Wedding Table Decor

Some other suggestions for classic white or multiple color decorations for wedding table are

– Glitter or confetti for themes

– Sea shells

– Fallen leaves

– Rose petals

– Colorful or clear Glass Beads

Table Cloths


Without this no amount of decorations would be visible. So to bring them into light, proper lighting is required. It can be

– Rope lights

– Tea lights

– Wrapped twinkle lights

– Floating candles


Table Centerpieces

There can be many things which can be simple yet beautiful. Such as

– Small potted plants

– Edible centerpieces such as bowls of candies and nuts

Table Centerpieces

Place Setting As Part Of Decorations

You can spread your wedding table decorations all over using

– Decorated table cloths, china, napkins etc.

– Elaborately folded napkins

– Place cards to guide the guests to their place

Proper planning is a time consuming process but the final outcome is well worth the hard work.

Place Setting As Part Of Decorations

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Dazzling Wedding Table Decorations

As we have clearly pointed out before a center piece is the center of attraction of wedding tables. You can organize events and games for the guests who want to take your beautiful piece of work home.

Each and every table should have a center piece displaying pieces to suit your mood and theme. The more you work on it the stronger statement you make. From candles, petals, mirrors you can go crazy with your creativity. Flowers are also traditional and loved by all.

The Wedding Table is the table. Total sincerity and dedication should go in making it the best in the wedding. Passionate work is reflected on the finished item and after all, a thing of beauty is a joy forever!


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