6 Ideas For Teenage Birthday Party

Ideas For Teenage Birthday Party

Learning, Changing and Growing these are the three words that describe the teens of today.

As they are growing along with modern technology, their natural interests in celebrating parties, be it their own birthday or a simple celebration with friends and family, is waning by the day.

Teenage years are obviously very old for cute and lovely frocks or suits or for tracing the tail of a horse or a donkey; but there are loads of other creative ways to organize a party to suit their swinging moods.  To start with a teenage birthday party, you need to consider a lot of aspects which do not follow conventional methods. Here are some of the most wonderful ideas:

Teenage Birthday Party

Party Theme

Party Theme

Party with the themes of cartoon characters and lollipops are absolute passé for teenagers. Thinking out of box brings forth wonderful parties, which your kids would remember for years to come. Themes such as a movie or a casino night can be cool choices for them.

Black light highlighter party or fortune telling parties are also exciting propositions as well. An Olympic party is appropriate for those wanting to celebrate during the day time and goes a long way in helping your teen off springs and their friends get engrossed in challenging games.

Ice cream sundae party can also be enjoyed by all. Thematic parties become very expensive as the decorations and the venue take a toll on budget, so it’s always advisable to make a budget and then plan accordingly.

For some lavish party, hundreds of options are available such as hiring a rock band or karaoke DJ nights are very popular these days.  Fire performers, comedians, magicians, hypnotists and impersonators can also be called to add extra fun to the party.

Of course, they are pricey options but they make the evening dynamic and exciting for teenagers. These are some of the choices but yes, you can always invent a new theme according to your own venue and resources.

Planning And Invitation

Planning And Invitation

A party planning starts with a proper invitation that can vary from simple to flamboyant. A Facebook invite is very common amongst teenagers. This assures confirmation of invitees in a formal way. Another innovative way is to get customized wearable T-shirts made with party details.

You can design the T-shirt on your own with some extra creativity and vibrant ideas. Customized and personalized invitations cards are also in vogue and can be delivered personally to create a greater impact and exaggerate the theme in mind.

For a sleepover party invitation which is very common amongst teens, the invitation card can be made different by delivering the message wrapped in a pair of pajama pants.

Decoration Of The Party

Decoration is totally based on the theme of the Birthday party. The proper ambiance and atmosphere of the celebration can be set by an exhaustive range of decorations. If the party theme is connected with a movie show or a television show, then the decorations used should create the similar scenery.

For a nightclub party theme, the lights and illumination should be dim and dark to give the right effect. With only string lights and live music for the extra effects, the total ambiance becomes all the more appealing and attractive.

Pool party decorations should replicate a beach like environment with decorations related to water, sand and fishing. Hundreds of decorations are available today that can be innovatively used at the right place to create the right atmosphere.

Decoration Of The Party

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Food Ideas

The choice of menu and food options should be in co-relation with the selected theme and the mood generated in the birthday party. Presentation of food, occupies an important place in the list of to-dos while organizing a birthday party for teenagers. Finger foods and drinks can be served during the movie show.

Foods such as pizzas, burgers and hotdogs can be altered to their mini versions to be served along with mock tails for a night club party. Veggie platters, crackers, waffles and pancakes are favorite amongst the teenagers. Live ice-cream bars with loads of toppings at a corner, can also be setup to set the mood for the party.

You can also opt for a cookout menu in which all invitees would form some groups and cook on their own. They can fry their chips, grill hot dogs, make their preferable drinks and bake their pizzas with topping of their choices. This arrangement gives them opportunity to learn as well, but make sure they are provided with all the requisite appliances and ingredients.

Food Ideas

Game Ideas

A teenage birthday party can become challenging and exciting by including games based on skills. A dodge ball event is electrifying for boys and can be played in the available open space. Impromptu water balloon fight is great fun in a summer season party.

Some whack y races using household objects can be real fun for teenagers. Neighborhood scavenger hunt or man hunt is another choice for the big boys and girls and serve to provide hours of fun and entertainment as well.

Finding gummy bears from the pie full of whipped cream can be very hilarious, and should be encouraged amongst the participants without allowing the hands to dig out bears from the pie. Truth or dare is another evergreen game which is enjoyed by both boys and girls equally.

You can always create teams for some team work related games such as cookie contest, gingerbread house contest and making bracelets contest. All winners should be encouraged with a small token of reward. Game prizes can include some swirl candies or lollipops or creatively designed cookie.

Game Ideas

Party Favor Ideas For Teens

Yes, you never grow old to enjoy a party treat or favor. A thank you in the form of favor, rocks for all. Choose a cool party favor such as personalized zipper pulls, friendship bracelets, mini board games or instant photo in a frame.

Celebrating birthday parties of growing children is both challenging as well as learning something new each time. Of course, you enjoy each day of their lives but some special days become memorable and remain in your hearts forever. So gear up and start planning for the big day. Learning, Changing and Growing these are the three words that describe the teens of today.

Party Favor Ideas For Teens