Ideas for Spy Birthday Party

Is your child fascinated with detectives and sleuths? If yes, a Spy birthday party would be ideal for your son. And if he is a great fan of James Bond, Agent Cody Banks or Mission Impossible, this would be the perfect idea for celebrating his birthday. This type of a party can be organized for children between the ages of 6 to 12. However, to perfectly execute the party ideas, you need to plan well in advance. This will give you a lot of time for planning the finer details of a spy party. Unlike other birthday parties, it is just not going to be a balloons and cakes affair, it is going to be much more than that.

If you are trying to find out ways for celebrating the spy birthday party, here are some useful ideas for celebrating the spy birthday party in style.

Make Interesting Invitations

Since you are about to plan a spy birthday party, it must have an element of surprise in it. And the best way to do this is to send out invitations that are exciting. You can either choose to order invitation cards from a store or get it done at home with a little bit of imagination and creativity. Let your guests be amazed with the invitation. A very simple way of making spy invitation cards is to fold cardstock paper into two and then decorating it with various signs and symbols associated with spies. Thus, you can add a few magnifying glasses or the picture of a detective holding a magnifying glass in his hand.

To make it even more dramatic, add the picture of fingerprints or shoeprints. Include all the details regarding the birthday party inside the card and insert it in a special envelope that has ‘Top Secret’ or ‘Confidential’ written over it. And if you wish to go a step further, include coded cards. Simply use the Wingdings font available in Microsoft Word to type out your message and insert another sheet of paper which shows the method for deciphering the hidden message. This will certainly make the spy invitations exciting and thrilling.

Special Decorations For the Spy Birthday Party

The spy birthday party is not a regular occasion and to make it even more special you must choose the appropriate decorations. To create the perfect ambience for your spy party, you need to decorate it with things that will automatically invoke suspense. So, think of surrounding the party venue with some caution tape that is generally used by the police for cordoning off the scene of crime.

Make some shoe prints outside the venue, around the sidewalks. You can also designate the main party hall as the ‘Headquarters’ of a secret agent. As the guests walk into the party, let them know that they are entering a highly guarded premise belonging to the secret agent. And to complete the look, let your son dress up as his favourite spy. Get him dresses that would match his hero’s style. To make it fun, put up a dummy finger print machine and let your son receive all the guests after checking them through the machine.