5 Ideas For Prince Birthday Party

Prince Birthday Party

Ideas For Prince Birthday Party

If your little son is the king of your hearts, let him dress up as Prince charming for his birthday. Children have a fascination for royal princes and princesses and your son too would love this idea. Let him enjoy the pleasures of being a prince for a day and pamper him with whatever he wishes to do.

However, to execute this plan, you need to put in a little bit of planning and organization. Prince birthday party ideas are quite easy to execute and you need to be slightly efficient for making this a successful party theme. Read on to find out how you can accomplish this task.

Ideas For Prince Birthday Party

Invitations For The Party

Invitation For Prince Birthday Party

The preparations for a prince birthday party begin with the invitations. Create special invitation cards for your guests. You can either use the castle shaped cards or have a royal scroll that sends out a regal message from the king, inviting all his guests. Let it look like a formal invitation card from the royal family. Use golden ribbons, fancy fonts and bright colours to make the cards attractive. Inform your guests about the party venue, time and date along with instructions about the dress code.

Royal Decorations

The prince’s birthday is a special occasion and the party venue must be dressed up like a king’s palace. To create the look of an old castle, you can paste brown wall papers around the hall and keep a few fake torches near the doorway. Use golden streamers and bright coloured balloons. Drape the stairs and pillars with real or artificial flowers.Apart from these, use golden table clothes and napkins for creating a royal ambience.  Take his chair and completely wrap it with white and golden wrapping paper or silk covers. Let the birthday boy sit on the chair and rule the party.

Royal Decoration For Prince Birthday Party

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The prince birthday party would be incomplete without the appropriate costumes. So, get a nice prince dress for your kid and ask his friends to dress up as little kings, queens, princes or princesses. You can also make a few paper crowns and tiaras at home. Hand it out to all the children attending the party and let them look like real princes and princesses.

Costumes For Prince Birthday Party

Special Cake

To honour the prince on his birthday, arrange for a special castle or crown shaped cake. This would automatically set the tone for the party and everyone would be getting a feel of the royal environment. To further spice up the event, arrange for some crown shaped cookies for the children. Let them nibble on these before they start gorging on the cake.

Cake For Prince Birthday Party

Party Favors

The prince’s birthday party would be incomplete without the party favors. For this kind of a party, you can give simple birthday favors like chocolates, candies and cookies.

Party Favors  For Prince Birthday

The kids can also take home their paper crowns and tiaras.

5 Ideas For Prince Birthday Party