Ideas For Planning A Low Cost Baby Shower

Low Cost Baby Shower

It is always easier to attend a party rather than to arrange one. Most people believe that hosting a party would mean that they have to spend a lot from their pockets. However, this is just a misconception, as there are plenty of ways in which one can plan low cost get-togethers and parties.

This holds true for all kinds of gatherings, such as bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, family get-togethers and a lot more. So when you are thinking of hosting a baby shower within a budget, here are some ideas that you can use.

Things To Do It At Home For Baby Shower

Things To Do It At Home For Baby Shower

If there are things that can be done at home, then there is no point getting them done from outside. This includes invitation cards, food, decoration and similar things. You can always use old craft paper or other bits of colored paper lying at home to make personalized invitation cards for everyone. Or you could even send an e-card, or create an event on Facebook instead of sending physical invites. This saves a lot of money on buying the cards.

Similarly, food can be prepared at home. If you have friends who have ovens (in case you don’t have them), then you can simply seek their help to bake some cupcakes and other things at home. Similarly, you could have a small game of each guest getting one baby-favorite dish. And the one who gets the best tasting food could get a prize. This way, you know that there is a lot of food coming in, so you don’t have to cook a lot on your own.

Decorations can be made out of using baby diapers (such as the diaper centerpiece), using old Christmas streamers etc. Use the old Christmas balls and bells by painting small spoons, baby rattles, bottles etc. on them and hang them around the place.

Arrange Low Cost Games For Baby Shower

Arrange Low Cost Games For Baby Shower

Many times, people save a lot of money on other things, but end up spending all that saved money on getting the materials for games. This obviously does not make sense as you can’t be saving on one thing and spending on another, if you are looking at an overall low cost baby shower. So always arrange for games that are cheap. For instance, you could play the memory game, which involves the hostess getting a tray of baby items in the room, and then taking it away.

The guests are then supposed to write down the items they saw on the tray on a small piece of paper. Whoever remembers the maximum items from the tray is the winner. The items for keeping on the tray can be borrowed from friends and family, and hence, this game is a very low cost one. Similarly, you could use old newspapers, and could ask the guests to make a paper baby out of them.

Such games do not really require a lot of money, and are enjoyable too. The good thing is that baby showers can be done without formal lunches or dinners too. Hence, you can get cheaper snacks, such as chips, fried or baked vegetables with cheese dip, cheese balls etc., and the guests will love it.