Ideas For Masquerade Prom Decorations

Masquerade Prom Decorations

Masquerade Prom Decorations Masquerade or a masked ball is a great prom idea. This theme is fun and youthful. The unmasking could happen after the prom king and queen have been declared. In fact every student could be given a number and nominated for prom king and queen according to that number. This way the selection would be fair. The only disadvantage to a masquerade is the risk of security.

This could be easily looked into by hiring guards that check each student before they go in. Once inside the venue, the students should feel as if they have been transported to a land that can only be dreamed of. The decorations should embody royalty and grace. Here are a few ideas for masquerade prom decorations.

Best Ideas For Masquerade Prom Decorations

Inflatable Decorations

Inflatable decorations are the easiest and the most affordable decorations for a prom. A prom is planned by a committee that is on a strict budget.

Inflatable Decorations

Though one might want to make the prom extravagant, it is not always possible. Here inflatable decorations come handy because they provide a professional look that is easily available.

Smoke Machines

The main element in a masquerade is the element of mystery. This element is achieved by the various masks and can be further enhanced by the presence of smoke machines or dry ice. This would provide a mysterious presence that would aptly suit this theme. The smoke machines could have a timer so that it does not need to be manually operated.

Artificial Pillars

If the masquerade has a fairy tale or a nineteenth century look to it, artificial pillars would be a great way to decorate. Artificial pillars could be made out of paper.

Artificial Pillars

Juniors might be recruited to paint the pillars. This is a decoration that would add an elegant effect to the prom. It could be placed at the entrance and around the dance floor.


Wallpapers can transform a venue and create an illusion of a place that may not even be near to the venue. The prom decorations could use the help of wallpaper to create a magical atmosphere. A masquerade specific theme could have a variety of options.

It could have the illusion of a fairy tale. A rooftop experience would also be a great ambiance. An interesting theme would be a space based masquerade theme. The wallpaper in the last case could be very dark blue with stars and comets around.

Paper Decorations

Paper decorations are great for prom. They are easily available and juniors could also be asked to make them. Paper flowers could be used to decorate the entire venue. Lanterns are also made out of paper. Moreover, when light bulbs are placed inside they give a specific color effect.

Paper Decorations

Paper decorations are also easy to store and can be used for other school functions later on. They could also be created with any color scheme. For the prom a lot of glitter and shiny paper might be used to highlight the glamour element of this very important event.