7 Ideas For Making Elegant Homemade Christmas Cards

Homemade Christmas Cards

Ideas For Making Elegant Homemade Christmas Cards

Designing a few elegant homemade Christmas cards can add to your joy during the festive season. Without having to splurge a lot on cards, these can be easily made at home with a little bit of creativity and planning. Although, it might sound like a tough task, in reality, it actually is a very easy thing to do.

All you need to do is to get some golden and silver paper along with decorative items. This will complete your elegant Christmas cards in quick time and then you’ll have plenty of time to put in a thoughtful message.

Homemade Christmas cards are always special. Not just because of the personalized touches, but, also because it is made with a lot of feeling and the recipients feel proud to hold something that has been specially created for them. Anyone who receives an elegant homemade Christmas card would automatically appreciate the effort that has gone into its designing.

But, before making the Christmas cards, make sure that you have all the essentials ready. If necessary, you can also take the help of children for cutting, pasting or putting the cards into the envelope.

Use Rubber Stamps For Designing

Use Rubber Stamps For Designing Homemade Christmas Cards

A very simple way of making Christmas cards is to incorporate designs formed by different types of rubber stamps. You’ll easily find rubber stamps in varied designs including snow flakes, Christmas trees, ribbons, bells or candy canes for making these cards. These would not only add a touch of elegance to the card but, will also make it unique. If you wish to make the cards attractive, try to use pigment ink and embossing powder for making the designs. When you stamp the cards with embossing powder or pigment ink, it gets a slightly raised effect. And the metallic finish is achieved with the application of embossing powder.

Make Use Of Vellum And Patterned Paper

When you are designing elegant homemade Christmas cards, the best material for making it is patterned paper and vellum. If you are used to making different types of craft items, you must have an idea about the effectiveness of velum. It adds a different dimension to the card and the transparent material is perfect for writing special quotes and messages.

Vellum And Patterned Paper For Homemade Christmas Cards

You can either get the readymade ones for your cards or resort to print some at home. While writing the message for the card, don’t forget to use fancy fonts and if you know a bit of calligraphy, that can also come handy.

Utilize Christmas Themed Pictures For Decorating The Cards

To make an elegant homemade Christmas card, you can easily utilize a few Christmas themed pictures from various websites, books or magazines. It is a great idea to cut out these pictures and then paste it on the card. A very simple idea for making this kind of a card would be to fold a patterned paper into half and then paste the pictures on the front side of the card.

If you have designer scissors, use it for making interesting patterns along the edge of the card. Generally, these scissors are very good for making wavy patterns and if you are willing to make cards that are slightly different, it is a very simple technique for making unique cards.

Christmas Themed Pictures For Decorating The Card

Design A Santa Card

One of the most favoured designs for Christmas cards is the image of Santa Claus. You can easily create Santa’s face with a bit creativity, imagination and skill. First of all, take a skin coloured card stock and cut out a round shape from it. Fold it into half. Towards the lower portion of the card, attach Santa’s beard. This can be made with cotton. Just stick some cotton or white furry fabric in the shape of a beard.

Above it make Santa’s eyes with buttons and just above the beard, make a nose with a red paper. Use the cotton for making the eyebrows. Now, it’s time to make Santa’s hat. For this, you need to cut out a triangle shaped red paper and attach it over the face in such a fashion that it looks like an original hat. Your Santa card is now ready to be delivered.

Design A Santa Card For Homemade Christmas Cards

Christmas Tree Cards

Another elegant idea for designing Christmas cards is to make Christmas trees. You can easily make this at home and would hardly take any time to complete it. Bring out a nice picture of a Christmas tree and trace it out on a chart paper. Cut this and paste it over a plain card.

Christmas Tree Cards For Homemade Christmas Card

Christmas Stocking Card

The stocking is a famous symbol of Christmas and you can easily design an elegant card in this style. Trace the shape of a stocking on a card stock paper and colour it with red and white or black and white. If you don’t want to paint, you can also stick colourful marble paper on the stocking. Attach a bow at the top of the stockings. After you make a card of this kind, it can be easily mistaken for a real stocking. So, surprise your friends and family with this amazing homemade Christmas card.

Stocking Card For Homemade Christmas Card

Shining Star Christmas Card

One of the simplest ways for making a Christmas card is to create the shining star. Even if you are a master at drawing, you can easily trace out the outlines of a star on paper. Shape the card like a star by cutting it along the edges of the traced star. Paste a silver paper over the star and use golden sequins and sparkles for decorating the card.

You can put some glitters around the edges of the star and write Merry Christmas with the help of sparkles. Write the words with a glue stick and put some glitters over it. When it dries up, shake the paper to remove the excess glitter.

Shining Star Christmas Card For Homemade Christmas Card