5 Ideas For Homemade Rustic Christmas Decorations

Rustic Christmas Decorations

Ideas For Homemade Rustic Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a great time to remember the olden times, of times when people mainly used homemade items for decorating homes during the festive season. This was mostly prevalent in the countryside and the rustic charm of living amongst everything natural was a completely different feeling.

Many of us have grown up in rustic surroundings, admiring the many qualities of country living. And if you are looking to imitate this style for your Christmas decorations, rely on some homemade rustic Christmas decorations.

The homemade rustic Christmas decorations are not only easy to make, but will also help you to complete your holiday decoration within a budget. It can include anything found in the home. So, put in whatever you think is appropriate for the decorations. Ask your kids to make some lovely homemade decorations and you can also utilize some of the items that you had used as a kid. This kind of a decoration theme generally revolves around the three basic colours associated with Christmas, red, green and white. Try incorporating these colours in your decoration. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate in your homemade rustic Christmas decorations.

Utilize Pine Cones

Pine Cones For Christmas Decorations

Pine cones are naturally abundant and you can gather some for your rustic Christmas decoration. Use these to make the Christmas tree decorations. Either spray paint it in different colours and attach it to the tree or wrap it up with colourful ribbons. You can also keep some painted pine cones on the mantle. And if you want to create the effect of snow, feel free to spray some snow foam over the pine cones. Then, hang it on the trees and it will look brilliant and will add that rustic flavour to your decorations.

Make Use Of Winter Foliage

The winter foliage was largely used in the countryside for decorating homes during Christmas. People used to put up pine trees or fir branches on their window sills, near their doorsteps and used things like mistletoe, holly berries and different varieties of nuts for decorating the interiors. These were placed on table tops, window sills and even strung around the exteriors of the house. You too can get hold of these ingredients for making the perfect rustic Christmas decorations.

Make Use Of Winter Foliage For Christmas Decorations

Try to put in a few branches of the fir tree along with the pine cones and create the desired effect. And if you have a Christmas tree that has been decorated in a rustic fashion, attach some branches near the base and spray a little bit of snow foam. Your Christmas tree would automatically emulate the rustic essence.

Create Rustic Christmas Trees

When you think of Christmas decorations, a large portion of it is centred round the Christmas tree. So, if you are looking to incorporate the rustic décor for your Christmas tree, think of some innovative ideas. You can start with the pine cone decorations. These can be put on the trees along with some stick stars.

For making the stars, you need to gather small twigs of almost similar size. Assemble the sticks on a flat surface and shape it like a star. Attach the sticks with the help of glue. Once you are done with the star, take a fancy ribbon and make a loop for hanging it from the tree. Arrange it on the tree and have a look at the rustic effect.

Instead of decorating the tree with coloured lights, you can create the rustic effect by adding white lights to the tree. The small lights would look like small snow flakes on the leaves. And to create real snow, make some snowballs. This can be easily made by wrapping twines around the Styrofoam balls. Secure the twines with the help of glue and then make a loop with the help of some twigs from the garden. Hang it around the tree and keep some around the base of the tree. When you are creating the rustic Christmas tree, remember not to overburden it with a lot of decorative items. It should be simple and elegant without being extremely flashy.

Create Rustic Christmas Trees

Generate The Country Flavour With Aromas

Country homes on Christmas always scented of freshly grounded spices and bakery items. Whether it is the smell of cinnamon or clove or the smell of freshly baked cookies and cakes, the moment you enter a country home, you’ll know it is Christmas. To generate this flavour in your home, utilize the aromas from various spices and herbs. Take some cinnamon sticks, cloves and dried apple and grind it together.

This gives out a fantastic aroma and you can keep this in small bowls in different parts of the home. Dried sage branches can also be used for filling the air with the aromas that are so common in country homes. So, your rustic Christmas decoration will get a boost with these mind-blowing aromas. If possible, try to bake some cookies, cakes or gingerbreads at home and feel the charm of a country side in an upscale urban house.

Generate The Country Flavour With Aromas

Use Paper Chains For Decorating The Home

Originally, paper chains were the only decorative item that was used during Christmas and the fancy lights and streamers were hardly used. And to resemble the decorative ideas of older times and to enhance the rustic décor, make some paper chains at home. This can be easily made with coloured papers of your choice. You can also make use of some old newspaper to make these paper chains. If you want to, colour the newspapers with red, white and green paint.

Use Paper Chains For Decorating The Home

To make the paper chains, you need to cut out medium sized straps from the paper. Shape it like a loop and paste the ends. Put the next piece of paper and loop it inside the completed one and paste its ends. Continue this process until you have made paper chains of desired lengths.

So, for your next Christmas party, think of a rustic theme and incorporate these ideas for creating some fabulous homemade rustic Christmas decorations. It will surely add the essence of a country home to your urban residence.

Homemade Rustic Christmas Decorations