Ideas For Fake Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets

A bride always wants to have the prettiest possible bouquet on her wedding, and goes through a lot to ensure perfection for it. However, there are times when one’s choice of flowers is not available, or the selected flowers may not fit into a good arrangement.

Moreover, there are times when the bride wants to make sure that the flowers look fresh on the wedding day, and that the bouquet should last forever. For such cases and more, there are fake or artificial wedding bouquets now available quite easily.

Are Fake Bouquets Worth It?

Designers working on fake floral bouquets ensure that they look as realistic as possible. This means that from a distance, you will never be able to make out whether the flowers are real or fake. Also, unlike the regular bouquets, you don’t have to worry about fake bouquets not looking fresh on the wedding day, or petals falling off, or stems of flowers breaking down. Fake bouquets consist of flowers that are made of silk, satin and other such beautiful fabrics, which means that they will obviously last longer than natural flowers.

The biggest advantage of fake wedding bouquets is that they are perfect for destination weddings. You can pack them up easily in a suitcase and take them around, without having any worries about them getting spoilt.

Are Fake Bouquets Worth It

Therefore, whatever amount of money you are spending on your bouquet, you are sure to get full value for it. It also saves last minute checks with florists, as you can order the bouquet much in advance, and it will be ready to use on the wedding day.

Getting and Customizing Them

Fake wedding bouquets are now getting quite common, and are easily available at most shops selling wedding decorations and related items. There are also florists and other wedding designers, who make customized bouquets for brides. This means that one can select the fabric, the colors, and many other things on her own, as per her likes and dislikes.

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Fake wedding bouquets are often decorated with imitation crystals and stones, and can be small, medium or big, as per the bride’s wishes. One can easily select colors that match the wedding theme, or the outfit of the bride and the bridesmaids.

Getting and Customizing Them

There are plenty of websites too that sell these bouquets online. What’s more, is that one can easily match the boutonnieres, wristlets, venue flowers and other floral decorations in one go, by choosing one’s favorite flowers and related designs. Hence, all the work gets done easily, without any hassles of talking and negotiating with different florists for different needs. Plus, after the wedding gets over, you get to keep the decorations, and can use them on other occasions too!

One of the reasons why many people go for fake bouquets is because they want to preserve the memories of their wedding day for a lifetime. Some mothers would like to pass on their wedding wristlets or other floral accessories to their daughters, and some friends would like to save these in memory of their best friend’s wedding etc.