5 Ideas For Cheap Wedding Receptions

Ideas For Cheap Wedding Receptions

Ideas For Cheap Wedding Receptions

Weddings are the most magical and momentous occasions in one’s life. However, it burns a huge hole in the pocket and with the current economic situation, the cheaper the wedding receptions the better.

One simple solution is to enlist your guests as volunteers to help you. This would lighten your load and expenses. Here are few more suggestions to make your marriage an economic event.

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding planning can be a fun process. We have the following suggestions:

Planning For Cheap Wedding Reception

Buffet Style And Do It Yourself: This means you can get your family members and friends to help you prepare and serve food to your guests.  Pasta, an Italian delight, is inexpensive and you can do just about anything with the preparations. A spaghetti pasta salad will help you reduce expenses hugely.

Paper Decorations: Paper, yes, you can do tons with it. Photos on cardboard sheets, scrapbook cut outs borders and lots of fun stuff. This will account for the decorations without you worrying about the expenses and will be a conversation piece.

The Venue

A cheap hotel is still an expensive affair. You can opt for large meeting halls that are associated with local clubs and associations.

Venue For Cheap Wedding Reception

The Catering

Food – one of the biggest expenses but have you ever thought of a ‘Pot Luck’ reception. Some things always come back to fashion and so is this idea. Instead of hiring a caterer and making it a formal sit down to eat event you can ask your guests to bring dishes of food instead of a wedding gift. Your guests will try to shower love and you will be surprised with the range and taste of the food that lands up on the table. Adding to this is the surprise element of fun. This format can make this event a less formal one.

Catering For Cheap Wedding Reception

Cheap Wedding Cake

There are many other ways to buy an inexpensive wedding cake. Scout the supermarkets for the stocks. You can make your own personalized version of the cake. If you want a tiered cake you can use chocolate chip ones at the top. A gifted novice may help you with his/her passion on a plain cake.

Cake For Cheap Wedding Reception

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The Look And Music

With your increased interactions with your guests, you can pool in their ideas and really make something nice without going through a ton of trouble. An amateur DJ or the band can be cheaper. Compile a set of tracks to match the occasion start with slower songs and move on to faster ones. This will set the mood of your party and will get your guests in full swing.

Music For Cheap Wedding Reception

Find vases at yard sales, paint them all the same color, and put flowers in them for centerpieces. Paper flowers reflect your creativity and draw praises from all corners for the craft and creative work.

Balloons: Helium balloons can be useful for decorating the arches and are an inexpensive cover up for awkward items.


The more people are involved, more ideas you have and greater variety. Using these ideas will please the guest who suggested it and will help him frame that as a memory of his/her contribution to your wedding. Foolish expenditure and lack of planning will set you back. Instead use your creativity, help from guests and friends to make this into a momentous, magical and festive occasion and economic.

Ideas For Cheap Wedding Receptions