4 Ideas For Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Ideas For Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Hosting a memorable wedding involves a lot of expenditure and it is almost impossible to cut costs. However, with a little planning and imagination, you can easily streamline some of your expenses. The wedding centerpieces can be included in this category where you can be slightly miserly.

Although, it is an important part of your celebrations, you don’t have to splurge on it. Think of innovative and cheap wedding centerpiece ideas that would not only look good but, would also cater to your limited budget. Take a look at the following cheap wedding centerpiece ideas and add shine to your table decorations.

Ideas For Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

1. Themed Items

The wedding centerpieces are highlighted when you choose themed items. That is, if you are looking at cheap wedding centerpieces, consider including objects that match the wedding theme. For example, if you are celebrating your wedding on a beach, you can make centerpieces with sea shells and sand. Take a glass bowl and half-fill it with sand. Put some rocks above it and scatter a few sea shells to recreate the authentic sea beach look.

Alternatively, you can also make a centerpiece with sea shells. Attach sea shells to the outer side of a bowl or vase and keep some flowers in it. You can also recreate a seasonal theme with interesting wedding centerpieces. Collect some seasonal fruits and keep contrasting coloured fruits in a glass bowl. Decorate it with a few leaves and convert it into a colourful wedding centerpiece.

Themed Items

2. Candles As Centerpiece

Wedding party tables take on a completely different look with candles. So, if you are selecting cheap wedding centerpieces, consider incorporating inexpensive candles for the decoration. You can keep a bunch of tapering pillar candles at the centre of the table or keep some tea-light candles on branched candle holders.

Candles As Centerpiece

The flickering light of the candles would help to create a romantic atmosphere and add the much needed glow to the tables. If your theme permits, try choosing colour co-ordinating candles that match the theme of the party. Even floating candles can be placed over water contained in a glass bowl. Sprinkle a few rose petals to make it a romantic centerpiece.

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3. Centerpieces With  Flowers

A wedding venue always uses a lot of flowers for its decoration. And if you want to use some for the tables as well, try to include the seasonal varieties for a cheaper alternative.

If you are running on a tight budget, then silk flowers are also great for the centerpiece. These look good and do not wither away, keeping fresh throughout the day. Arrange them in attractive looking vases and create awesome centerpieces with flowers.

Centerpieces With Flowers

4. Photo Frames

The bride and groom’s photographs make excellent centerpieces for cost conscious people. These are easily available at home and can be framed nicely before putting them up on the wedding tables.

Photo Frames

Let the discussion flow around the photos and keep the guests guessing about the time when the photo was taken. It becomes particularly interesting when you use a few childhood photographs of the couple.