Celebration Ideas For A 1 Year Anniversary

Ideas For Celebrating A 1 Year Anniversary The first wedding anniversary is always special for couples. It is a time for celebration and couples tend to reflect upon the wonderful memories of the first year of married life during this time. And to commemorate such a special occasion, you can think of celebrating your special day in a memorable way.

It is not always necessary to organize a gala anniversary party to celebrate your first anniversary. You can also make it special in your own way with various romantic activities. Here are some suggestions that will help you to find out celebration ideas for a 1 year anniversary.

Surprise Your Spouse With A Wonderful Gift

The first wedding anniversary is the perfect time to let your partner know how special your bond is. And the best way of conveying this message is through a wonderful gift. It does not necessarily have to be a very expensive gift. You can choose to make a lovely card for your husband or wife. Write your own lines, profess your love and give it your personal touch to make it special. If writing poems is your forte, this is the perfect time to write a few lines for your spouse.

Have Your Little Celebration Before The Party Begins

At the stroke of midnight, begin your own celebration. Arrange for a little anniversary cake and decorate your bedroom with roses and candles to create the ambience of the wedding night. Wish each other and begin your journey of love all over again on the night of your first wedding anniversary. It is the perfect time to have a cosy celebration before the real party. You can cut the cake, raise a toast to each other and then dance to the tune of your favourite songs. Overall, celebrate the night in style and have loads of fun.

A Small Get-Together With Close Friends And Family

Since the first wedding anniversary is special not only for you, but, also for your near and dear ones, you must let them join into your celebrations. Call over close relatives and friends for a small party at home. Have some home cooked meals and relive the moments that you’ve spent in the last one year.

Go For A Picnic

An extremely romantic suggestion for a 1 year anniversary celebration is to go out for a picnic. Pack your bags early in the morning and head to a spot that holds special meaning for the two of you. Take some snacks and other foods that you would be able to munch upon and enjoy a relaxed day at the picnic.

A Second Honeymoon Would Be Great

The second honeymoon, especially if it is to commemorate and celebrate your first wedding anniversary, is always a great idea. Make plans to visit a romantic getaway or a place where you had always wanted to go. The celebration takes on a completely different dimension when you get to spend a laidback holiday at a beautiful place, spending loads of time with each other.