Ideas For Boys Themed Party

Ideas For Boys Themed Party Boys are generally considered to be more sporty and explore-loving when compared to girls. While choosing themes for boys’ party, it would be better to consider their interests.

Then incorporate some party games and surprise events that guarantee some action, thrill, excitement and energy. Don’t forget to provide a lavish supply of cup cakes, cookies and drinks for the hungry souls. Keep some other finger foods handy, for the picky eaters.

Ideas For Boys Themed Party

Beach Theme Party

Let the boys have a blast with beach theme party. Ask them to take their surfing boards and goggles to the party. Set up an outdoor party space convenient to you and decorate with blue rugs, beach umbrellas, balloons and streamers to get the feel of a summer beach. Hand out flip flops, beach towels and flower garlands to tie around their neck. Get some inflatable kiddy pools and let the boys have fun with some pool games.

Sports Theme Party

Sports theme party can have a plenty of variations. Base ball, polo, race cars, volley ball – the list goes endless. Whatever be the sports theme that you choose for your party, include party favors and games that will blend with the chosen theme. The boys can wear jerseys and headbands. Add a dash of excitement by setting up a mini court for the boys to live it up. If you are hosting the party for young kids, then keep first aid kit handy, in case of bumps and minor injuries.

Construction Theme Party

Construction theme party works well with boys as they like to play with trucks, building blocks, toy tools and all that requires some motoring skills. Construction hats, cheap flash lights, party supplies and games that are centered on construction theme are sure to keep the boys busy and happy.

Fishing Theme Party

Fishing theme party is a great idea for young boys. Decorate the party table with toy fishing net and hook some plastic fish here and there. You can drape the net over the door or windows of the party room to get the feel of a fishermen’s working space. Let the boys wear fishermen hats and carry toy fishing poles. Add few small inflatable pools around the corner of the room and put some toy fish into it.

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Cartoon Character Theme Party

Be it superman, spider-man or Bob the builder, bring your boy’s craziest superhero cartoon characters to life by throwing a character theme party. Order for the party invitations and supplies with your chosen theme, from online stores or local party supply stores. Ask the boys to come wearing theme-matching costumes. Toddlers and preschoolers can have a fun time acting it out like superheroes.

Music and Dance Theme Party

Music and dance theme party can be a great idea if you are throwing a party for younger kids as well as older ones. Children of any age group can enjoy this party. You can host it from your living room or can opt for a public space. You can play hit-list songs from your music player or can hire a DJ if you wish. You can arrange for karaoke settings and allow the kids to pitch in.

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