Ideas For Birthday Party Dessert

Fun, frolic, games and celebrations may be the focus of a birthday party, but, everyone seems to be waiting for the main part, the cake cutting ceremony. After all, it sets the mood for the entire party and the dessert counters open up for everyone.

And those with a sweet tooth, particularly kids, cannot resist the temptation of savoury birthday cakes. But, apart from the birthday cake, you can include a number of desserts for a birthday party. Here are a few birthday party dessert ideas that you can check out.

Ideas For Birthday Party Dessert

Sugar Cookies

Wonderful finger foods and can also be considered to be a snacking item, sugar cookies are always a hit at birthday parties. Children love the idea of gorging on delicious and attractive cookies and to keep them interested in the party, have a special counter where different varieties of cookies are given out.

Ideas For Birthday Party Dessert

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You can either order it from a specialty outlet or make some at home. Use cookie cutters in different shapes and sizes for making eye-catching cookies. Decorate it with icing sugar and colourful candies.

Cup Cakes

Another great dessert item that can be served at birthday parties consists of cup cakes. These are inexpensive yet delicious desserts. Order some plain cup cakes as well as some flavoured ones from a cake shop. Arrange them in layered serving plates or make a cup cake tower that would serve the dual purpose of acting as a centerpiece and a serving plate.

Birthday Party Dessert

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Ask the guests to help themselves and let them try out various exotic flavours including apple and peanut butter cup cakes. However, if you do not want to spend on exquisite flavours, think of making some at home. It can be easily prepared at home without any hassles and is perfect as a birthday party dessert.

Ice Creams

Adults as well as children love to gorge on ice creams. Hence, when we are talking about desserts, it just becomes mandatory to include some ice creams. For a birthday party, you can include two or three basic flavours like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. You don’t have to be elaborate with the ice cream menu.

Birthday Party Dessert  Ideas

However, if you still want every scoop to look extra special, arrange for some hot chocolate sauce or fudge that can be added to the ice cream. Chopped dry fruits like almonds and cashews can also be sprinkled over the ice cream for a nutty taste. And to keep the ice cream expenses within bounds, let these servings be optional and those who opt for it can have it.

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Apple Pie

Apple pie, a very common festive food that is often prepared at homes can become an excellent birthday dessert.

 Birthday Dessert

This is an inexpensive way of introducing desserts to the party and will satisfy a lot of taste buds for sure. So, make some apple pie and offer single slices to each guest.

Fruity Dessert

When you are thinking of desserts, don’t forget about fruits, especially if you are inviting kids.

Ideas For Birthday Party Dessert

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Prepare a fruity dessert by combining crushed pineapple, oranges and a fruit juice of your choice. Mix it with some marshmallows and fresh cream. Present it to the kids in glass bowls.

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