Ideas For Anniversary Party Planning Uniquely

Couple Dance Party

Anniversaries are the reminders of the new stepping stone in the wedding life. It’s the time to recall that one long year has crossed since you have celebrated your wedding day for the very last time. But this time you can celebrate your wedding anniversary grandly as the plentiful anniversary party planning ideas are with you.

Take help from the enlisted anniversary party planning ideas and develop the best anniversary ever possible in your life. Make it memorable for you, your life partner and all the invitees.

Exclusive Anniversary Party Ideas

Island Party

You can plan for a trip to an island on the day of your wedding anniversary. Call all your invitees in the morning. Travel by boat with all your invitees and reach the island. Decorate the island as per your choice.

Island Party

Enjoy the whole day with your life partner at the place all surrounded by water. Arrange for food and drinks. Come back at the evening with the best anniversary ever celebrated.

Shower Party

To enjoy in water is always a fun. You can implement this fun to your anniversary party. Make the planning to arrange a shower floor. Call DJs to play the rocking tracks behind the shower.

Shower Party

As soon as invitees with gather to enjoy the party, escort them to the shower floor. Let them dance in the shower and enjoy utmost with the rocking music. It will be a great day for the anniversary couple too.

Wedding Flashback Party

The day of your wedding is the best day forever in your wedding life. Prepare a plan to flashback your wedding ceremony. Make the entire arrangements to marry your life partner once again.

Flashback Party

Carry out all the rituals as it was done in your wedding day. It will be the best way to surprise your life partner on the day of anniversary. The invitees will enjoy the plan of this mock wedding party.

Couple Dance Party

You can arrange a dance floor on the day of your anniversary. Invite all the couples of your acquaintance. You anniversary party can o present a scope to the invitees to come closer to their beloved.

Couple Dance Party

Let all the invitees dance in pair and spread love thereby. You are not an exception to join the dance floor with your soul mate. It will be an evening of romance in your anniversary party.

Gaming Party

Make your anniversary party overloaded with interesting games. You can arrange interesting board games and some lawn games too. Memory games and couples games will enhance the ambience of your anniversary party.


If children are invited arrange special kids’ games too. Arrange for funny prizes for the winners of the games conducted in the party. It will a day full of laughter and fun. Invitees will remember your anniversary for this gaming party forever.

The anniversary party planning ideas highlighted over here are extremely unique. If you implement any one of the ideas as mentioned here, you party will become the best celebrated event not only to you, but to all those you attended your anniversary.