5 Ideas For A Casino Birthday Party

Ideas For A Casino Birthday Party

Have you been thinking of creating the casino atmosphere at home? If yes, you can think of ideas for a casino birthday party. It is the perfect opportunity for recreating the fun filled gaming atmosphere of a high end casino. But, if you are trying to emulate a casino, you need to be extremely particular about the décor.

Ideas For A Casino Birthday Party

The party venue must dress up like a casino, to give it an authentic look and feel. That is, you must be having assorted gaming and gambling areas for your guests. Creating a bar is also a great idea for imitating the casino atmosphere. Let’s have a look at some ideas for a casino birthday party.

Create The Las Vegas Casino Atmosphere

Las Vegas has almost become synonymous with casinos. The gambling arenas at these casinos are gaming havens where you have the perfect opportunity to try your luck. For a casino themed birthday party, you can look to emulate this style. Create the glitzy, glamorous ambience with the help of flashy lights and loud music. Let a live band play at the venue and arrange for colourful table cloths, curtains and shiny decorations. Make use of artificial poker chips for decorating the walls. Also make a separate gaming arena where guests can try their luck with games like blackjack and poker.

Las Vegas Casino Atmosphere

Make Your Own Gaming Tables

You can easily transform ordinary tables into gaming tables with a little bit of effort. For this, you have to make use of green felt and white markers. Tightly secure the felt on the table with the help of tapes and glue. Use the white marker to draw lines like the ones that you see on the gaming tables. If necessary, take reference from pictures of real casino tables. Follow this style to dress up as many party tables as you want to.

Own Gaming Tables

Recreate The Atmosphere Of Older Casinos

Unlike the modern day casinos, the older casinos had a rustic flavour. Imitate that style and recreate the magic of the Wild West. Create the perfect ambience for this kind of a casino with decorations consisting of horseshoes, cowboy hats and huge poker cards hanging from the walls and ceilings. You can also put up faux oil lamps and wooden tables for creating the perfect atmosphere. Let some soft piano music play at the background and engage your guests in traditional casino games such as Texas hold’em, traditional poker and blackjack.

Atmosphere Of Older Casinos

Present Casino Themed Party Favours

In order to make the casino themed birthday party a memorable affair for your guests, present them with casino themed party favours. You can make special poker chips having the name and date of birth of the birthday boy or girl. In a similar fashion, you can arrange for special cards that have a picture of the birthday boy or girl. Apart from these, you can also hand out cowboy hats and sunglasses to your guests.

Party Favours

Take Care Of The Menu

A casino themed birthday party must have a menu that is similar to a real casino. So, you need to arrange for munchy appetizers, simple finger foods, chips, crackers, jalapeno poppers, spicy potato wedges, cheese puffs, veggie sticks, barbecued chicken and mini corn muffins.

Take Care Of The Menu