Ideas For A Bridesmaid Luncheon

Ideas For A Bridesmaid Luncheon If you tell the old timers that you will be having a bridesmaid luncheon, then most of them will give you a blank look because even few years back, this event was not common at weddings. But that is past and these days it is another great way to expand the scope of enjoyment during a wedding.

What is It?

The first thing that should be told of bridesmaid luncheon is that it is neither the bridal shower nor the bachelorette party. But it is something in between to keep the bridesmaids and the bride entertained. One thing can be said for sure and that is bridesmaid shower is not a part of the traditional customs and no one will say anything if it is not held at all. However, it is better to plan for one if you are really going to have it. Here are some ideas about etiquette, time and venue for holding bridesmaid luncheons.

Ideas For A Bridesmaid Luncheon

Etiquette for the Luncheon

Bridesmaid luncheon is not a regular wedding event and that means there is no etiquette associated with it. The only condition of the party is that no men should be allowed at the party. However, you can skip that condition to allow some very close male friends. This luncheon is actually a way to thank the bridesmaids for the service they have put in at the wedding and for that matter the bride is always the host. Apart from the bridesmaids, the other female members of the family and close friends can be always invited for the luncheon.

When to Have It

As the name suggests the luncheon is to be hosted at the time of lunch. The food should be very light so that the ladies stay fresh during the actual wedding event. This was especially a tradition of the Southern States and was held a day before or on the day of the wedding.

Bridesmaid Luncheon

However, these days the venue of your bridesmaid luncheons can always be a local restaurant, a gathering over brunch at the home of the bride or even a spa. This venue has become quite popular for holding bridesmaid luncheons.

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The event can be organized in a very stylish and formal way or in a very casual way. However, the fun is often more in having a casual party. The last thing that can be said is you can hold the party anytime as long as you have all the bridesmaids present.

What to Do

This is the place where you get all of your bridesmaids together without being burdened with their wedding duties. So this is the best place to give them their gifts. If the mother and mother-in-law are attending, then it is the time to show your appreciation. Have a bridesmaid cake with a trinket baked inside and let one of the bridesmaids find it on her plate.

Final Words

The last thing that can be said about bridesmaid luncheons is that let your ideas run wild if you can. Since there is no formality attached to the bridesmaid luncheons, you have the full flexibility of using the day as you like. That means the choice of venue, how you will spend the day, what will you eat, and all similar things can be easily decided without thinking of following the tradition.