3 Ideas For A Barbie Theme Birthday Party

Barbie Theme Birthday Party

Ideas For A Barbie Theme Birthday Party

Every girl is fascinated with the eternal beauty of the famous Barbie dolls. And if your little daughter also adores these wonderful dolls, think of surprising her with a splendid Barbie birthday party. However, to emulate the Barbie theme, you need to keep in mind certain things.

First of all, you have to think of appropriate costume, decorations, invitation cards and off course, some mind-blowing party foods. If you think it is going to be a tough task, it actually is not so difficult. Read on to find out some amazing Barbie birthday party ideas.

Begin With The Invitations

To make the appropriate invitations for your Barbie birthday party, you need to think of some innovative and amazing invitation ideas. It can be easily done at home with cardstock and a few decorative materials. If you are net savvy, get hold of some Barbie pictures from the internet and cut it out. Paste it on the cardstock and print out an invitation note in a fancy font.

Invitation For A Barbie Theme Birthday Party

You can also make use of calligraphy for making your card unique. To modify this theme, you can also use your daughter’s picture and dress her up as Barbie. Cut out one of her cute pictures and glue it to the paper. Make a lovely outfit using colour pencils or by printing pictures of Barbie dresses. Decorate with sequins and glitters. Your invitation for the birthday party is now ready to be delivered.

Get An Awesome Barbie Costume

In order to dress up your daughter like Barbie, you need to dress her up in an awesome costume. A pink, flowing gown would be best suited for your daughter. However, if you do not get hold of a gown, look for a pretty pink frock with lots of laces and ribbons. Overall, the dress must look fancy and should be perfect for Barbie.

Barbie Costume For A Barbie Theme Birthday Party

Get her a wand and a tiara to complete the look. But, if you wish to make your Barbie look different and stylish, give her a modern look with pink skirts or pink shorts along with tight tees. Team it up with funky make up and fancy hair clips. Your daughter would certainly love this appearance.

Make The Decoration Attractive

The Barbie birthday party is incomplete without appropriate decorations. Since it is Barbie’s big day, make the decorations attractive. Use a lot of pink and purple for your decorations. You can choose streamers, balloons, confetti and even furnishings in these colours. Apart from this, make use of silver balloons, lots of Barbie themed accessories and Barbie dolls.

Decoration For A Barbie Theme Birthday Party

To make your party even more attractive, you can make a little doll house which is stuffed with different types of Barbie dolls along with the numerous accessories that come with the doll. And to highlight your daughter, make her the centre of attraction. Prepare a special chair for her. Decorate it with a pink and purple cover and let her sit on it before cutting the cake. Finally, don’t forget to order the Barbie cake for your little daughter.

3 Ideas For A Barbie Theme Birthday Party