3 Ideas For 60th Wedding Anniversary

Ideas For 60th Wedding Anniversary

The 60th wedding anniversary is one of those cherished moments of life that is aptly suited for celebrations. Hence, if your mom-dad, grandparents or a close relative has achieved this remarkable fete in life, they must get an opportunity to enjoy this day.

However, the biggest challenge in organizing a 60th wedding anniversary, is the lack of ideas that make it unique. Since the union has spanned over 6 decades, the couple must have seen numerous celebrations and to bring about something different is quite difficult.

Therefore, without thinking much about novelties, you can plan a simple party that is appropriate for a special occasion. The 60th wedding anniversary, commonly referred to as the diamond anniversary, should focus on giving a royal treatment to the couple.

It does not necessarily involve a huge anniversary bash, a cosy lunch or dinner party with a few close friends and family would be the greatest treat to these oldies. So, if you want to celebrate the 60th anniversary in style, here are some 60th wedding anniversary ideas that will help you to host a grand event.

Ideas For 60th Wedding Anniversary

1. Choose A Favourable Location

When you are planning a 60th wedding anniversary, the location plays a very important role. After all, the couple of honour is quite old and might have problems in travelling to distant locations. So, if you are arranging a small party, try to organize it at home.

And if space constraints drive you to get it arranged somewhere else, you can choose a hall that is close to the home. The party can also be hosted at one of the couple’s favourite eating joints or a local restaurant which serves the couple’s favourite delicacies.

Choose A Favourable Location

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2. Decorations For The Party

Since it is going to be a diamond anniversary, try to keep the decorations in tune with this theme. White is the best colour scheme for your party and you can arrange for white tablecloths, curtains as well as balloons. Decorate the rooms with streamers and light coloured confetti. The use of white glitter, wherever possible, will add the sparkling effect of diamonds.

Crystal ornaments and showpieces can also be largely used for decorating the tables or mantles. The party tables must have different types of attractive centerpieces. Bouquets of white flowers can be easily arranged on table tops for creating an awesome atmosphere. Light a few floating candles in crystal bowls filled with water. To add a special effect, sprinkle a few petals of red roses on the water.

Decorations For The Party

3. Special Food For The Party

Whenever you are organizing a party, the food plays a very important role. So, depending on the size of your party and the couple’s preference, you can select the menu. If it is a small family party, it is best to have home cooked delicacies.

Special Food For The Party

This would also give you the opportunity of letting the couple taste some of their favourite foods. And if the party is quite big and you are ordering food from a restaurant, make sure that you are taking care of the couple’s taste.