3 Idea For Little Princess Birthday Party

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3 Idea For Little Princess Birthday Party

The Princess birthday party is every girl’s dream. At some point of time or the other, your little girl must be having thoughts of living life like her favourite fairy tale princess. Let her dream come true with an absolutely amazing princess birthday party.The birthday is the best time for celebrations and to fulfil her desire, you can think of some princess birthday party ideas. Although, princess birthday parties are elaborate affairs, preparations for it can be easily done at home. Here is how you can implement the Princess birthday party ideas.

1. Create Special Invitations For The Party

Instead of going with the regular invitation cards, make it a royal affair by choosing special cards for the Princess birthday party. Various ideas for making attractive cards can be easily gathered from the internet. Alternatively, you can utilize some simple ideas like making a castle, crown or royal scroll invitations. To make the castle invitation cards you need to draw a castle on cardstock paper and neatly cut it along the edges to make it look like a real castle.

Decorate it with different types of coloured pen, sequins, glitter and sparkles. Near the door of the castle, include your invitation note. Similarly, you can shape your card like the royal crown. The scroll invitations are very common for the Princess birthday parties and are ideal for imitating the royal flavour. Choose a golden or red paper. Type out the invitation note in calligraphic fonts and then roll the paper. Tie it with a golden ribbon and hand it out to your guests.

Create Special Invitations For The Party

2. Arrange For The Special Princess Costume

Beautiful Princess dresses are easily available in the market and you can get one that suits your daughter’s taste. To make your little Princess look perfect, you need to get hold of an appropriate costume.  However, if you wish to make a custom made dress get it tailor-made to meet your specific requirements.

 Arrange For The Special Princess Costume


Colours like white or pink is the most favourable. Also get hold of a fine tiara or crown for your princess. And if you wish to make it an absolutely regal affair, ask all your daughter’s friends to dress up as princesses and knights. It will certainly add to the ambience of the party.

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3. Choose Appropriate Decorations

The Princess birthday party requires the perfect decorations to suit the occasion. You can start off with a red carpet entrance. Line the path leading up to your venue with a red carpet and watch the little knights and princesses walk down the path. Put up loads of pink, purple, red and white balloons in the venue.

Decorate it with matching streamers and confetti. And to make your party even more attractive, design a special throne for the Princess. For this, you need to take her chair and cover it with a golden cloth. Add pink ribbons and fabric to accentuate the throne. Also cover the dining tables with fancy pink and purple table cloths. You can also attach a few balloons to the tables. All these ideas would contribute towards making the Princess birthday party a successful event.

Choose Appropriate Decorations