How To Rent A Banquet Hall

How To Rent A Banquet Hall The most important part of any wedding is the gathering and the banquet. So it is very necessary that you should be careful while renting a banquet hall and choose one that will suit your requirements perfectly. At the same time it must be within your budget. Further you may have some special requirements. It is not easy to find a place that can give you all you wish. You may have to visit quite a few and negotiate aggressively before you can rent one that suits you best.

Tips On Renting A Banquet Hall

Identify Your Requirements

This is the first step of renting a banquet hall. You must first identify your requirements and jot them down. Consider the number of guests who will be attending, whether most of the ceremonies will be held at this place and if you have some special plans like having a theme wedding, etc. If the ceremonies are held at some other place then you have one more factor to consider and that is the banquet hall you rent must not be too far from the venue of the ceremony.

Plan Well in Advance

It has often been seen that to find the perfect place one may have to adjust the wedding date also. So the planning, finding and renting the right banquet hall must take place very early to enable the families settle for an appropriate date.

Locate All Possible Venues

Now your job is to identify the suitable locations. Think of the banquet halls in the locality, the hotels that can provide you these facilities, the clubs, etc. Do not leave out your family members if they have a backyard or ground large enough for such gathering. Make sure that you shortlist those ones that you and your guests can easily reach and find out the rent they will be charging.

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Match your Requirements

The next step is to match the possible locations with the list of your requirements. Go through what each venue has to offer and think practical. Give top preference to the ones that comes closest to all of your requirements. Now make your list of possible venues shorter as you can always leave out those that do not come even close to your requirements.

Visit the Banquet Venues

Making a physical verification before renting is a must. Visit all of your selected venues and talk to the managers. Do not hesitate to question him or her. Make sure that you understand and know what services the rent includes. The rates of additional charges for additional services should be made clear.

Sometimes the venues have their own catering service. Ask for their rate also. If you need a bridal suite for the bridal party then ask if the venue has one. But during such visit do not commit at the first instance even if the manager insists that you may not get your desired date later. Make a note of the general appearance of the venue as well as the attitude of the staff. After all, you will be hosting your guests and you do not want to end up with some rude attendants and a shabby venue.

Rent the banquet hall only when you find that all the factors are in your favor. One word of advice, never leave out your fiance from the decision making process.