How To Plan Your Birthday Celebration Decorations

Birthday Celebration Decorations It’s that time of the year again – your child’s big day is right around the corner. It’s time to sit down and plan for the big bash; and a great way to get into a festive mood is by putting up the best birthday celebration decorations.

Tasteful decorations can transform your party from just another get together into something that is not only exciting but also memorable. If you are stuck with where to begin, here are some ideas to help you out.

Birthday Celebration Decorations Plan

Color Schemes

A color scheme is something that can lay a good base for your decorations. A coordinated scheme will tie up all your birthday activities together. When it comes to choosing a color scheme, look for color combinations that inspire you.

Red and Blue Birthday Party

The best place to get creative ideas would be magazines and the internet. Use various combinations of blue for a boy’s party and pink for a girl’s party. You can also try combining different colors – for instance; bubblegum pink and lime green for the girls; and gold and navy blue for the boys.

Party Themes

Another great place to base your party decorations is on your party theme. When you have a theme, it is not only easy to decide the decor, but also the color scheme. You could host a sports themed party with the color combinations and decoration based on your child’s favorite team.

Or, if you decide to throw a princess party, you can decorate the place with castle settings, tiaras, rainbows and butterflies. For a Mexican fiesta themed birthday party, you can hang up pinatas and sombreros.

Basic Materials

A child’s birthday party will not be complete without some basic decorative material – balloons, banners and streamers. Do keep in mind that these materials should be used in coordination with the party theme and color scheme.


Entrances, centerpieces  food tables, favor bags, games, wall and ceilings are all places that need to be decorated. It helps to jot down inspirational ideas in a note pad, a few weeks before the party.

The best place to source for party decorations is your own home – the craft box, attic, toy boxes and storage cupboards. Even the newspaper and disposable jars will have their uses. Things like glitter make the decor stand out; so scatter them at selected places. Dollar stores are also good places to find decorative items.

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Happy Birthday Banners

One of the basic decorating essential is a large “Happy Birthday” banner. This will add a zing to a surprise party and is also a great way to announce the celebration.

Remember that the banner should be coordinated with your color scheme and theme. Check out your local store for birthday banners that suits your party theme or colors. You can also print out a great banner or design one yourself.

Balloon Decorations

An easy way to get the party area decorated with balloons is to scatter them around. But if you are ready to take out some time, then you can arrange the balloons in creative ways.

Balloon Decorations

Create a balloon chandelier by hanging several balloons together from the center of the room and running streamers from them. Alternatively, you can also make a small bunch out of three or four balloons and hang them from different corners or place them in vases.

And if you are good at this, you can make various shapes from balloons to look like animals, vehicles or cartoon characters. Another interesting way to use balloons for decoration is to create an archway from blown up balloons and place it at the entrance for guests to walk through.

Birthday Cake and Cake Table

Order or bake a cake that is in tune with your party theme and color scheme. If your party does not have a theme, then you can decorate the cake with edible photos of the birthday child, or make a cake that shows the child’s interests.

For example, you can order a guitar shaped cake for a child who loves to play the guitar. You can accessorize a simple cake by placing scented candles, candies, cupcakes and small figurines around the cake.

Cover the cake table with a large disposable table cloth that goes with the birthday theme. Add some personalized touches to your cake table by placing framed photos of the birthday child.

At the end of it, a birthday party is all about the person who is celebrating it – so let the child enjoy his/her moment. Run your party decoration ideas through your child, get their ideas and make sure that the decorations make them happy. Focus on having fun with your child, instead of wanting everything to be perfect.

Birthday Celebration Decorations