How To Plan Romantic Destination Weddings

How To Plan Romantic Destination Weddings Getting married is one of the biggest happenings in life and planning it rightly takes a lot of time and effort. Of course you might want to get married in your local church, but have you given destination weddings a thought? Many people believe that planning destination weddings are difficult but once you make all the arrangements, you will be happy to get hitched in an unknown place where new life starts with new ways.

It is a new feeling to get married away from the glaring crowds. It like escaping the world and celebrate the most important day in life with someone who matters the most. What does it take to plan destination weddings? Some simple tips on planning a wedding in far off lands are given below. Take some ideas and plan your romantic wedding with a little difference.

How To Plan Romantic Destination Weddings

Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

Most people have the question of whether they should spend on a wedding planner or not. The answer is however very much dependant on the choice of location and the budget. If you have decided on a location where you have never been before, you might have to do a lot of research which is very time consuming.

Taking help from a wedding planner is a wise decision because it saves a lot of time and you can customize things as per your need. Choose a local planner and you can rest assured that before your arrival everything is in place. This includes the licenses, the cakes, and decorations like flowers etc, the booking for place and bookings of resort and hotels for the guests.

The Place For The Wedding

Whether you choose a golden beach or the exotic mountains, you need to find the right place where you can accommodate the occasion as well as the guests. Not everyone you know makes it to your guest list because you want to keep the occasion private. You can book an entire resort with panoramic views by the beach or hillside. Booking wedding halls with attached rooms is also a great option. Alternatively, you can plan to take vows by the sea with a proper function at the wedding hall. The options are plenty and you can choose anything that meets your budget.

The Decorations For Destination Weddings

If you are planning to take help from wedding planners, you will be suggested the ways you can decorate the occasion. The idea is to go traditional keeping the local customs of the place in mind. Since destination weddings are meant to make things look different, you can merge your special day in customs of the special place. Theme weddings are really happening and you can incorporate any theme you like.

How To Plan Romantic Destination Weddings

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For people who are willing to go to a place and then plan everything themselves, they must trace the way they want things to happen. Since the time requirement is huge, you need to ensure that you reach in advance and take the necessary steps in making the big day a success.

Know The Weather Of The Place

It’s good to plan a wedding outside at some new location but there are few things that you need to consider. Weather plays in a dominant role in destination weddings. Obviously you wouldn’t want rain to pour in between your vows and spoil the decorations, nor will you like the scorching heat to make the guests sweat. Try to have wedding in the breezy winters or the flowery springs. Avoid going to places that have extreme climates because you can never be sure of what might be in store of the day. Try to see the general weather as well as the forecasts.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Destination Weddings

As mentioned earlier, book your weddings place in advance. Secondly, arrive at least a week ahead of the wedding. Whether you have your wedding planner or not, it is essential you keep a check on the arrangements and ensure that things fall as per plans. Another important thing to remember is your guest list. Everyone will be going out to another place and therefore you need to inform them in advance so that they can schedule their holidays.

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In case you are planning to give out tickets to the destination as well, then book tickets at least six months prior to the day of travel. You can avail discounts and rest assured that your guests are arriving on time. Another thing that you need to do is probably keep in mind the age groups in the guest list.

You can make special arrangements for kids and have special parties for the young gangs. Return gifts and wedding cards are other aspects that need attention. Make your wedding card in advance and send them to people at least a couple of months prior of the wedding. For the gifts that you want to distribute, it is better to gift before the wedding as carrying more luggage is not a viable option. Try to use decorations from the destination itself as the more luggages you carry, the more you have to pay on duties of airlines.

As for the cuisine, ensure that you include some international food because many guests might not be happy with local cuisine. Buy your wedding rings and jewelry in advance. This will help you in tracing the budget of the wedding. As for the wedding dress, take as many trials as you can before you leave to look ravishing on the wedding day.  You can make special bookmarks, tags, or small gifts to gift to the guests as well.

When To Start And How?

You can’t control everything by yourself while planning a destination wedding. You have to make your plans at least one year prior to the day. There are many things that people forget at the last minute which you can avoid by early planning. Start with small things like wedding dress, manual, cuisine, the local licenses.

Having a wedding in some exotic location is like a dream to many buy proper planning can save your day.