How To Plan For Bachelor Party

How To Plan For Bachelor Party Planning for a bachelor party is the most interesting part of the entire marriage. Either your friends can plan or you can put your views about bachelor party because you are the main attraction of bachelor party but you can’t do anything without friends’.

So both and your friends’ suggestion can work out to a successful bachelor party. The party should be 2 weeks before the wedding. So choose weekends –Friday or Saturday, as it will not affect your work schedules. If you want to call more guests rent a hall to have the party or you can choose your friend’s house. If you rent a hall the only advantage you will get is that you will get more rooms and accommodate your guests comfortably.

Things To Prepare

Drinks And food – Arrange something different and ensure you have enough for all your guests. Try out any cocktail food preparation, shrimps and some chicken snacks, stuffed fruit items and if your guests are limited then buy foods from restaurant as it will be economical. For food select Thai or Chinese food.

Next Thing Is Location– In case you are calling many people for your bachelor party then location is a matter to think about. Choose a big hall for the day and check out if it is accessible to your guest or better take the responsibility of your guest’s transportation to the party. For transportation do one thing. Rent a van or for more fun and luxury rent a limousine for pick up and drop up services. But to aware you renting limousine will be expensive in compare to van.

The main focus of doing bachelor party is to have fun with near and dear ones. For entertainment you and your friend can chalk out some games and gifts for winning the games. Don’t forget to turn on your favorite music, make a play list beforehand for the party.

So that you need not to crack minds, waste your precious time in selecting the songs. Good music will make your party. And everyone will love to dance so focus on music. You have lot of things to do. So try to prepare as many as you can to enjoy the day. Buy a big bag to keep your gifts and don’t forget to take your necessary things.

Why Bachelor Party Is Different From Other Parties?

It is different from other parties because here you are celebrating your last days of freedom. So, items, which you can include, are drinking alcohol, gambling, going to strip club, which is beyond the social gathering party but are very common in bachelor party. In bachelor party, try to create an environment so that one can relax and have fun. Bachelor party has lot of names depending on different places.

Like it is known as stag party or stag night in South Africa, U.S. But in many countries it is known as bull’s party or buck’s night. Bachelor party is the party held for women and also known as hen party or hen night and in many countries it is also known as girl’s night out parties. In this party he can enjoy those activities, which he can’t enjoy after marriage.

Previously there were no such plans for bachelor or maid to carry out bachelor or bachelor party. It started with a dinner and now people are planning for their bachelor party or bachelor party.

Few Themes For Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party In Black & White – In this bachelor party theme there are two main colors that are black and white. Bridesmaids will dress up in one color and the bachelor will dress up in other. You can plan the party at your home or can choose any other place or can go out of the town. The common thing what happens particularly in this theme is the bride use to dress in white tiara or white veil while all the bachelor use to dress in black dresses feather bows, cowboy hats.

How To Plan For Bachelor Party

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70’s Sexy Bachelor Party – Here the time period is of 70’s so you can pick your bell bottoms and wear it for the disco party. Take thick makeup; wear over-sized glasses, colorful outfits and flowers. You can plan this bachelor party at your favorite place and arrange music for the disco party and play retro songs.

School Girl’s Bachelor Party– How cute school uniforms to wear it again on your bachelor party. Just cherish once again those good old school days. You can dress like Britney Spears with pigtails, or a uniform miniskirt and white shirt with stockings or use and wear anything mentioning school days.

Bridesmaid Fancy Dress Contest Bachelor Party- This theme is full of fun and crazy ideas to dress in disgusting outfits and can go out for rocking party. The contest is to judge the worst job in dressing and make up and give the prizes who has dressed in worst

You can dress like your favorite celebrity or even you can choose your favorite character from a movie and let your guest guess the character. This can make your bachelor party more memorable and girls will have fun.

Sports Bachelor Party Theme

If your friend is a sports lover, then plan something apart from drinking and wearing fancy dress or veil. Make a team for football tournament or hockey tournament and if she loves any other game then plan according to it. Get at least 4-5 girls to go for camping or you can for a long ride or long drive. It will be of really fun.

One can spend her bachelor party in a very different way if she is much tensed about her future and eager to know about it. Hire a renowned and good astrologer or fortune teller or you can call tarot card reader to come to your house or the place you want to spend your day. Get a long featured reading from the astrologer for the to-be bride or if you yourself have planned for it then get your reading and also have your friend’s reading to know what they have in their list. Plan your living room according to the fortune teller and use wonderful scents to relax and will help you in further imagination.