How To Plan A Winter Wedding Reception

Plan A Winter Wedding Reception

Hey! Planning for a Wedding, Birthday or a Christmas party in winter? Do you want to be the best party planner of your family? Then first you have to know what might be the occasion for which you have to plan a reception.

Plan A Winter Wedding Reception

The reception should be glamorous and totally dramatic so that it can change the idea of the traditional receptions that you have mostly attended.

You should be very patient and plan for the reception as winter is a season which can be a problem. Innovate ideas for reception plans as this is not for a spring or summer season. Although weather in winter is not that hot and more pleasant than summer but too much of cold may hamper the enthusiasm of the reception.

Plan A Reception Party By Following Easy Steps

There are different arrangements to be done for different kind of party. If it is a wedding party then planning for wedding reception will be different than that of a Birthday, Christmas or any other party.

Plan your party on pen and paper before you can go for guest list or buy the decorations for the reception. This will help you to save money and time and also save your self-indulgence on the day of the reception. Keep in mind that you want to make the guests happy and they must enjoy the reception party. No one will mark you as to what grade can be given to you for the arrangement done.

Honor of the Guests is the most important criteria for a reception party as because the reception is been arranged for them. The reception arrangement has to have all facilities for adults, teenagers and children. You will be very particular about the personality, attention span, likes dislikes and the age of the guests those who are attending the reception.

Winter theme invitations will be most appropriate for inviting your honorable guests. If it is a wedding reception go for the cards printed with wedding theme but if it is a birthday or Christmas party and print the cards accordingly. Apply you creativity in selecting the theme according to occasion.


Venue should be arranged according to the number of guests and season. Since it is winter a venue with fireplace arrangements must be into the consideration. You will have to consider the budget for renting a party venue or a restaurant. The venue should have adequate space as per the no. of invitees, theme and the duration of the party.


Decoration is one of the most important parts of the reception. Go for simple decorations. If it is wedding party then prefer to decorate with centerpieces, candles and poinsettias. If the reception is for birthday or Christmas then apply you creativity as per the theme of the party.

For birthday decorate as per the choice of the toddlers or youngsters. Decorate with ringlets, candles and Christmas tree when it is a reception for Christmas party. You can also add an ice sculpture in decoration list.


Feasting with food delicacies is an inevitable part of a reception party. Parties are for food, drink and entertainment so you will have to be very careful regarding arranging a menu for the reception. For a wedding party you can serve snowflakes or icicles topped cake along with hot chocolate, eggnog and apple cider.

In a birthday party arrange food for the junior guests and enquire specifically if the child is allergic to any food and have something available that they can eat. Let your guests enjoy the delicious Oyster stews, fruit cake, geese, cookies and turkey if it a reception for Christmas.

Preparation time is something that has to be taken into consideration. You should plan quite in advance if you are a very busy person. You should not exhaust yourself and be on the rope on the day of reception. Do not ever leave anything undone till the last minute. Party duration time should also be kept into account as per your guests and type of the reception.

Feasting with food delicacies

Party favors are also an important part of the reception party. If you are a host of a wedding party arrange for wedding favors for your honorable guests. It may be cookie recipe, cookie cutters, snow globes or holiday ornaments.

For the birthday favors choose the gifts like chocolate boxes, Balloons, pencils, erasers etc. that will make the youngsters happy. For Christmas it can be a charm bracelet, bright colored Christmas hats and Christmas tree ornaments. Youngsters would enjoy Christmas crackers as a favor for the Christmas reception.

Party favors

Games and other entertainments have to be arranged as it is also an inevitable part of a reception. Variety types of games can be arranged as per the child’s choice if it birthday party and time duration has to be arranged accordingly.

A Christmas party reception is incomplete without ball dance, carol singing and games. Entertainment in a wedding reception is totally different. It is generally a live band or a disc – jockey. But the time for this musical entertainment in wedding reception must be well planned as this stresses out the bride and groom.

Arrange for a helping hand that can help you conduct the party successfully throughout the party time without any other responsibilities. You can be the most responsible person on the earth but it is not possible to be present in all the places you are required at the same time. Don’t opt for your elderly grandma or your sibling as they will not be able to help you in a proper way. Choose one of your friends who is easily accessible you are comfortable with him or her.


Backup plan for a reception party should always be taken into consideration. There can be many situations which can create problem. You can have more or less number of guests than you expected; guests may fall sick and needs medication and care.

If you have arranged an outside part it may rain, the entertainment hired are not properly equipped or did not show up at all and all are questioning you “ hey we are bored what to do next?” Hence arrange for more food than required, a sheltered venue if it is an open air party, arrange for alternative entertainment for guests if your primary arrangement fails and make the reception a success.

Now go ahead plan a wonderful winter reception and have FUN!!!!!

Backup plan