How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party

How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party We all like surprises, isn’t it? Who would not like the idea of being woken up on a particular day and find ourselves surrounded by lovely presents. Christmas, would not be Christmas without the sweet anxiousness that we have about what Santa would bring for us!! Though our parents or our teachers in a due course of time uproot the idea from our minds that Santa Clause really exists but whether or not they accept it, every single person waits for some surprise or a miracle to happen that day. An indispensable part of our life is our birthdays. Celebrating the day we landed on this Earth is something that has been an old ritual.

Our birth is nothing less than a miracle and with a birthday party we show our happiness and appreciation for the gift of life. All over the world, no matter which language you speak or what clothes you wear, wishing a person “happy birthday” is a practice which is quite constant.

Just as old as the ritual of celebrating a birthday party is, gifting presents to the person is also equally deep-rooted. Over the years the style of celebrating a birthday party has seen a growth.  Small and family gatherings with a limited number of guests have given way to today’s elaborate arrangements with themes and costume parties. Planning for a surprise birthday party is not a Herculean Task at all. All you have to do is make a list well in advance and add loads of love to whatever you do.

A surprise birthday party is something which all of us want, irrespective of how old or young we are. So if you are planning to give your friend a blast on their birthday but do not know how to start, here is a list of all the things that might be helpful.

Taking Charge Of Everything

One of the most important aspects of throwing a surprise birthday party is taking the responsibility of all the planning. The best way is to choose a minimum number of people for doing all the work and dividing the job list among them, preferably not more than 3 to 4 persons; as the toughest part of a ‘surprise birthday party’ is to keep it a secret!! Also if the people concerned with the arrangements are close friends or family members of the guest of honor, it renders a great help as they would know what the person likes.

Managing Time

Like in all other things in life, time is very crucial in planning for a party too, especially if it is to be kept a secret. All the preparations should be done preferably when the guest of honor is away from home. It ensures that no suspicion is created and the element of excitement is maintained. It is also advisable that you plan the surprise birthday party a day or two before the actual date as it further helps in keeping it a secret even if the guest of honor somehow gets to know about the preparations.

Decide The Venue

A party is an occasion which calls for a lot of fun activities. So planning the venue is also important. Depending upon the budget and the theme of the birthday party you can choose the venue. You must also keep in mind the number of guests who would come and proper arrangements for the seating should be done or else you could end up with a clammy place full of heads. Often booking a nice restaurant which the guest of honor really enjoys eating at, is a good option.

Making The Guest List

Another important aspect is the invitees. In fact it is the guest list which adds a soul to the birthday party. It is a very nice idea to call old friends or teachers and other people who mean a lot to the guest of honor and the people who he or she has lost contacts with from a long time.

How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party

It is a perfect gift that you can give to the birthday boy or girl and you can be assured that they would thank endlessly for this gesture of yours. Keeping the number of invitees small would not only keep the warm family feel alive in the birthday party but also reduce the task of planning.

Making Catchy Invitation Cards

A party would always be incomplete without nice invites. So you and your friends can sit down and make small and catchy lines about the guest of honor and print them out. These are very cost effective and add a bling to the otherwise formal invitation cards. There are also many sites which give you great ideas for making these catchy phrases. You can make your own too and flaunt your creativity at the birthday party. Make sure that you clearly mention that it is a ‘surprise’ so that none of the guests call or mention about the party to the guest of honor.

Decorating The Venue And Gifts

It is always the best part of any birthday party, the decorations! Ask friends to help you out with this. Go ahead and buy all the things you would require but make sure that all this is done secretly! Emphasizing on the decorations that the guest of honor likes is a good idea. The budget should also be taken care of because you would not like to feed the guests balloons.

Deciding The Menu And Ordering For The Cake

Food is an integral part of any festivity and deciding the menu well in advance is a must for any successful birthday party. The menu can be very simple or a gourmet platter depending upon the budget. One thing which should be not neglected is the amount of food and quality. Too much of food would only be wasted and you wouldn’t like to run short of pizzas too. So calculate the amount of food carefully.

Taking into consideration that many people would be invited, you must note down if anyone is allergic to some food item or not. It is always better to avoid flavors like coconut or mint which many are allergic to. The birthday cake is the main attraction next to the guest of honor, so selecting the right cake is inevitable. Choose a cartoon cake if the guest of honor is a child or an adult with the heart of a child! The flavor should be neutral and something that all can enjoy. Chocolates cakes are the safest options in any birthday party.

Plan A Great Way To Get The Guest Of Honor To The Venue

All the preparations would go in waste if the guest of honor doesn’t reach the decided venue. Maybe plan a kidnap with friends disguised like mafias and blindfold the guest of honor. Or maybe you could feign to be client and arrange a false meeting at the venue. This is again something which you must plan in advance as it is the climax of everything when the surprise unveils in front of the person. Make sure that you click photos or capture the moment when the guest of honor sees the arrangements.

Party Hard

And at last, more than anything forget all your worries and party like animals. Make it the best birthday party for the guest of honor. So don’t hold back and bring out the child in you.