How To Plan A Rock-Themed Birthday Party

If your child loves rock music or you are planning a birthday for someone who aims to be a rockstar, make their wish come true for atleast one night. The rockstar themed birthday party will be just perfect for such an occasion. Remember rock music is associated with lots of bling and glamour and rustic charms. You may also want the birthday boy or girl to take part in planning and you may end up with great new ideas to implement in your party. Let’s discuss on some basic things needed to plan for a rock-themes birthday party.

How To Plan A Rock-Themed Birthday Party

Tips For Planning A Rock-Themed Birthday Party


The invitations should be rock-themed too. Design the cards like backstage tickets .You can add creative details like “ALLOWED TO ATTEND THE AFTER CONCERT PARTY OF THE GREAT ROCKSTAR JEANNE JOSE!!!” You may then add the details of the party below.

How To Plan A Rock-Themed Birthday Party

You may cut out guitar shaped cards and write the party details at the back. You may give out small posters of your child’s favorite rockstar or rockband and write the details of the party at the back.

Rock Decoration

Pink, black and mauve are the colors associated with rock. For the decorations forget all about cuteness. Outside the gate you may hang a poster which says “JEANNE JOSE’S ROCK CONCERT TONIGHT- SOLD OUT”. Hang glitzy stars and banners all around. You may buy inflatable microphones and head sets or large rockstar sun-glasses and strew them around. Hang posters of famous rock artistes. A shiny disco ball can be used to create a light effect. If your budget allows, rent a karaoke machine too.

Rocking Games

The noise factor is the liveliest aspect of a rock party. You may let the guests have fun with the karaoke machine. Play some rock music and have everyone dance to it, you can use the disco ball for a glamorous effect. A rock trivia game could be played. Divide the guests into groups and ask questions on lives of rockstars or their works and see who knows their rockstar better.

How To Plan A Rock-Themed Birthday Party
Arrange for a basket full of beaded necklaces and large rockstar sunglasses for girls and chokers, head bands or fingerless gloves for the boys. Ask the guests to adorn themselves as they please to feel like rockstar themselves. You may keep color hair spray in shades of pink, purple or green for the really excited guests at the party!

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Rock Party Food And Cake

A rock party is lively and the food should be too. You cannot keep light food or cute looking dishes in the menu. Think large and heavy! Big buckets of pop corn, French fries and chips, fried chicken wings, sausages, sandwiches, croissants or small buckets of ice-cream. You may serve cone ice-cream to resemble microphones decorated with chocolate sprinklers.

Pizzas with extra toppings are a good option too. For the drinks, opt for ice cream sodas, sparkling cider, sprite or ginger ale to add fizz to the party. You may keep an option of juices also. If you are thinking of ordering a cake you may order it in the shape of a guitar or a stereo. Star shaped cake also goes well with the theme.

Party Favors

You may hand out CD’s. For younger guests you could get rockstar party bags and fill them with temporary stickers or tattoos, sunglasses, bracelets, rockstar pendants, pencil bags, hair bands, rockstar badges, posters, peppermints and chocolates.

How To Plan A Rock-Themed Birthday Party


If you plan to present a gift to the birthday boy/girl in tune with the theme you may get a collection of albums of his/her favorite rockstars. You may buy a biography on the lives of some well known rockstars. A concert ticket if available will be a great gift. Think of other gifts that you feel will complement the party theme.