How To Plan A Beach Wedding Vacations

How To Plan A Beach Wedding Vacations

The thought of vacation is quite a turn on for all of us; imagine combining wedding on a vacation. Sounds super cool, isn’t it? A wedding on a beach is pretty much like a scene from one of your favorite romantic comedy movies.

A Vacation with wedding that too on a beach is a perfect wedding idea. Young couples especially girls always dream of fairytale weddings. Therefore beach plays a perfect destination for a sun kissed ceremony.

Wedding time is the most important stage of one’s life. You cannot just have an ordinary wedding. Therefore here’s the concept of a beach wedding vacation where you get married as well as vacation with your loved ones. Some of the popular beach wedding destinations are Bali, Thailand, Miami, Australia and more. Plan your wedding according to your budget. Choose something that’s closer! Following are some great tips for a beach wedding vacation.

To-do List for A Beach Wedding Vacation

Choose a Location

Choosing the correct location for the beach vacation can be quite a task but thanks to Google you can virtually visit any place on earth. Look for top destinations around where you stay. It is not about how beautiful beach is but also look into the weather, the local people and the favorable time of time of the year to visit.

Beach doesn’t mean great weather. Some of the beaches are too hot for you to exchange vows. Too much of rain can also play a spoilsport. Make sure the beach is not storm friendly or else all your wedding preparation might go for a toss! Location should be easily accessible for your guests. Too much travel can also keep away your relatives from attending your D-day.

Look for a Nice Accommodation

When you decide to have a beach vacation wedding, it becomes extremely important that the location is chosen correctly. More so the accommodation for you guests and relatives who would be there for your wedding as well as chill out as you normally do on a vacation. Once you are through with deciding the beach destination, look into the great hotel deals that keep coming up from time to time.

Make sure you put up all the guests in the dame place where all the wedding functions would take place. This will keep you from the hassle of getting all the guests together plus the conveyance charges. Most of the beach hotels also provide complete wedding package with ample rooms, wedding planners and of course brilliant decoration on the beach side so that you have a great and wonderful wedding. Be smart to grab those deals!

How Do You Plan the Wedding?

Planning a wedding on a beach is not a cake walk. It is definitely a great experience to walk down the sandy sun soaked aisle but requires intricate planning. The location is set, hotels are booked so the next step is to arrange everything that a bride and groom require, from the makeup to the food menus. Often, countries have different marriage rules. Make sure you are sorted out with the legal formalities of the country you’ve chosen. You don’t want to mess up with the law there.

How To Plan A Beach Wedding Vacations

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As mentioned above, hotels also plan up weddings in a package. You can also contact local planners to cut down on cost. You need to have a reliable team of people who can look after different departments like fetching the guests, allotting them with rooms, food department, decoration and much more. Allocation of work is really important. What are you going to wear? It is really important since it depends on the weather of the destination. There are bizarre wedding stories of couples exchanging vows wearing swim wears. Isn’t it funny? Decide your wedding wardrobe. Make sure you are not in a fix when you reach there.

Plan the Reception

Remember the guests have come for your wedding so the reception has to really great. For that it is important you have a wedding planner appointed to look into nitty gritty of things. How should the decoration be? What kind of flowers is used? What is your color theme? Which type of music to be played? Which cuisines should be on the menu?

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Everything needs to be decided to have a grandeur reception. After all, it is your wedding we are talking about. Let a group of team arrive few days before the wedding to sort out everything. Last minute changes can be tough when you have a destination wedding. That’s why you need a planner who knows his/her job.

Prepare for a Back-up

God forbid if anything happens that could ruin your wedding is what we are discussing here. For instance, a bad storm or rain can ruin your outdoor romantic wedding on the beach. What do you do? Sit and cry or have a backup plan ready so that everything happens like it was meant to be except the location where you were getting married. Ask your hotel for a closed banquet hall. Many hotels are generous enough to arrange everything quickly. Talk to them before you finalize everything.

Don’t Forget Its Vacation Too

Wedding on a vacation should really feel like so. After the wedding is done, make sure your guests really feel they are on a vacation. Set up vacation activities for them like going to water parks, involving them on adventurous water sports like snorkeling, jet skiing and Para gliding. Plan family picnics, go for sight-seeing or simply have a fun time soaking the sun on the beach.

Kids should have spate activities like playing with sand, swimming or playing volleyball. Everyone really looks forward to a great holiday and there is nothing happier than two people exchanging vows on a lovely beach amidst the blessings of friends and family. Beach wedding vacation is a great idea to spend quality time with each other’s family. It is especially great for the newly wed bride to know well about her new family. Make sure you both decide on the location.