How To Plan A 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Plan A 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Are you planning a 50th wedding anniversary? Well, congratulations to the couple for making such a responsible and loving journey together. Now, this obviously calls for a celebration. But, do you exactly know how to implement one? On such an auspicious day, nothing must go wrong and nothing must seem to be incomplete.

Try and remember the day when they got married. Wasn’t it special? Well, make this one a larger celebration to remember and make it a bigger bash than their wedding party. When you were married you still had an anniversary to wait for but, how is it possible to have a wedding again?!

On a general basis, these types of celebrations are respected with gifts like gold items. You must be very keen about the theme of the party, the lighting, the food, the gifts, your guests and obviously the couple themselves. Everything must be very systematic and synchronized. So, take a look at these exciting party preparations and have a bash on this wonderful occasion.

When The Clock Strikes 12

When The Clock Strikes

Well, this is not a Cinderella party nor is it your birthday to have bumps. So, you must figure out the exact time when the celebration would be best bit to execute. First of all, the day selection is very important. Normally couples have huge celebration plans and they prefer to carry it out according to their convenience and also the convenience of their guests. It would be terribly absurd to plan a celebration suddenly on a weekday with all the people busy at work.

The best choice always happens to be the closest weekend. This allows everyone to be a part of the celebration and enjoy their heart out. This makes the couple happy too. But, another very important thing to be kept in mind is you must avoid any streak of public holiday or a national holiday. This is because on such days the booking of hotels and other services can be very problematic.

Your Gods For The Celebration

Your Gods For The Celebration

Guests must be of the utmost importance on that day. You never would want to get a feedback later such as, “the caterers were so amateur” or maybe “Gosh! I didn’t even get to sit the whole time.” Your guest list is another important issue. Never even dare to miss out anyone by mistake. Or else you would be cursed for that every time in the future. The best start to prepare a list would be from your family. Then there are the friends, colleagues and members from friendly organizations.

Activities For The Host

Play some romantic music for everyone. Choose some of best love songs from the time when the couple had got married. Another choice is if the couple themselves wants a special genre or special track; you could give them that selection as a tribute to their lovely relationship. Make sure that your music is not screaming. This will irritate the guest as they would always want to chat around with others.

Take some help from the invites. Ask them to bring at least one memorable gift which would be precious to the couple. It could be small piece of chit, or a photograph; a flower or a railway ticket. Bring in something that will remind the couple of the time they spent with that particular person. Accumulate all of these and share it in an album. This will be the most precious gift ever. They would love to smile and cry along with these memories. Keep some place for them to share their future memories again. A wedding photo to cover this album would be the best idea.

Another fantastic idea would be click pictures and record the occasion on a guest view technique. Use several cameras on the individual tables and capture the excitement. Request the guest to leave them in a basket as they leave.

The guests would be overjoyed to see memories from the past in the couple’s life. Try and gather as many pictures of the couple as possible and display them all around the arena. All the times they spent together and enjoyed in their past life. This would be hit idea to implement.

Activities For The Host

Decorate This Auspicious Celebration With Loads Of Happiness

Create a theme and ambience for the decoration that will suit the need. Make the atmosphere signify your cause of celebration. Don’t go off balance while you embellish the couple’s celebrating mood.

Traditional draping and ivory cloths for table are the best go. This will set the perfect mood for a 50th anniversary party.

Add some burgundy or navy blue colored handkerchiefs at the center of each table. Sprinkle some golden confetti over the handkerchiefs. The contrast of the burgundy with the ivory table cloth will create a dashing shine and glitter.

Centerpieces made from candles of the same color as the table cloth will enrich the decoration. Golden tulles and ribbons should be good to tie around the base add more effects.

The party space can be filled with balloons. Golden and silver balloons are the perfect combination. Balloons can be decorated as bunches and then you can add streamers to enhance the beauty.

Decorate This Auspicious Celebration With Loads Of Happiness

Keep The Guests Happy With The Delicious Dishes

If you have a wish to have a caterer and you could afford one; then surely do. This will help you invest more time on your guests and attend the honorable couple. If you are unable to afford such an arrangement, you should lay more stress on making food that can be prepared in advance. Casserole dishes provide a great support to such an idea. You just need to heat these up when needed.

Always try to include some of the dishes from the couple’s list of favorites. They will love your idea. Have some good stock of sodas and beers also, so that you never need to play the role of a bartender. Place some ideas over the menu like recreating the same meal as on their wedding or maybe the food they had when they first dated.

Under all circumstances make the couple remember this day as one of the best in their life. Make it a day which would create a memory for the future with all the memories from the past.

Keep The Guests Happy With The Delicious Dishes