How To Organize A Birthday Party For Your Kids

Every child’s birthday is the most awaited day of the year, for that child. Of course parents too look forward to it and doting grandparents get all geared up to pamper the birthday child with goodies! There are certain guidelines for organising an enjoyable and successful birthday party. On the lines of these guidelines each party can be customized, keeping in mind what your child will love the most.

How To Organize A Birthday Party For Your Kids

Tips for Planning a Birthday Party

Terrific Theme

Children of all ages enjoy theme based birthday parties. It could range from Spider-man, Batman, Barbie, Dora, Winnie the Pooh or Pikachu for the younger kids, to Hannah Montana, Hollywood Stars, or a Masque party for teenagers.

Whatever be the theme it should be something which is a hot favourite of kiddos and primarily exciting for the birthday child. According to the theme the decorations and invites can be done up.

Exciting Dress Code

In case of a theme party the dress code will have to be theme based as for themes like Halloween,  superman, flowers, robots, princess and so on. However, other than theme parties it is still possible to have exciting dress codes for the party.

How To Organize A Birthday Party For Your Kids

For instance it can be a particular combination of colours such as red and black, glittering gold, simply pink or any other colour which is a favourite of the child. Lastly, the host can give away a prize for the best dressed child!

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Finger-Licking Food

As parents it is our responsibility to make the food delicious, tempting, colourful yet nutritious. Firstly the cake may be related to the theme, or any other design which is likely to make the birthday child happy, such as a guitar or piano, a basket ball court or a football ground.

Other party foods could range from cup cakes, wafers, colourful cookies, cheese pizzas and savoury tarts made with whole wheat flour, fruit juices, frozen yoghurt and more and more!

Wholesome Entertainment

This part of the party is enjoyed by all the children as it also gives them opportunities to win gifts at various party games. The games can also be theme based or you could also invent your own party game! For instance, a game which I invented for my daughter’s fifth birthday became an instant hit with the kiddies.

How To Organize A Birthday Party For Your Kids

Each child can be given a basic card stock and variety of stickers. Music is played for about 45 seconds and the child with the maximum number of stickers on the card wins the game!Apart from games, keeping in mind the age of the children, a magic show, puppet show, bouncy castle, any latest film or show can be organised for their entertainment. Although simply having pulsating music for children to dance to, can also be fun.

All said and done, the basic idea is to make the party a fun and memorable event for children and adults present. The above guidelines are simple suggestions but there is no limit to one’s creativity. So, go ahead and think, invent, and jostle up the most bashing party of the year!