How To Make Wrist Corsages

ideas To Make Wrist Corsages

A corsage is a beautiful decoration made by flowers, usually intended for wearing at formal events like weddings, proms or homecomings. Corsages are generally worn over a dress on the left collar bone, just a little below the left shoulder. But now-a-days, many women are opting for a wrist corsage.These are meant to be worn on the left wrist. Apart from looking beautiful, corsages are also very easy and fun to make. So if it’s your wedding, or you are going to a prom, then you can surely try to make a corsage for your relatives, or for yourself, without paying anything to a flower decorator. So, follow these easy steps to make your own beautiful wrist corsage.

How To Make Wrist Corsage

Materials Required For Making A Wrist Corsage

Materials Required For Making A Wrist Corsage

2-3 fresh roses, 2 sprigs of baby’s breath, stem tape, wire- 24 No. should be perfect, fresh ruscus leaves, a ribbon reel of desired width, and a thick rubber band

Steps To Make A Wrist Corsage

a) Take 2 or 3 roses as you desire to make your corsage. Now tear off the loose and partly stale petals of the roses, so that your corsage looks good.

b) Now if the stems of the roses are very large, then cut them a bit short, leaving away approximately 5-6 inches. And then take a wire and poke it through the base of a rose, so that the wire remains extended on both the side of the flower. And then bend the two sides of the wire downwards, adjacent to the stem of the rose. Repeat the process for all the flowers.

c) After that, wrap the stem tape around the stem and wire which is adjacent to the stem. To wrap the stem tape easily, hold the reel of the tape with your left hand, and hold the other free end of the tape with your right hand. Then with the help of your right thumb, wrap the tape around the stem. And repeat this method for all the flowers.

d) Now, take some ruscus leaves and baby’s breath and attach the leaves behind the rose and then attach the baby’s breath a little below the flower. And then secure them with a stem tape. Do the same with the rest of the flowers.

e) Then, you have to make a bow with the ribbon. For this, take a white transparent ribbon and start wrapping it around your fingers. Hold one end of the ribbon, so that it doesn’t come off while wrapping. And then wrap the ribbon 6 times around your fingers. Now take it off gently from your fingers, and then hold the middle position of the wrapped ribbon, and secure it with a wire. For this, slip a wire through the mid position of the ribbon and then twist it and cut off the remaining wire.

f) Now hold the 2 or 3 roses, keeping one in middle, and also keep the ribbon in middle. And then attach all these things together with a stem tape. After wrapping, cut off the stem portion, leaving behind just 1 inch of the stem.

g) After this, take a stretchable rubber band, and attach it to the back side of the corsage. Just to make sure, that it stays, wrap the stem tape round the rubber band.

This completes your beautiful corsage. Have fun!!

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